Sinaloa Factory - Mexican fusion sushi on the Danforth [Toronto]

We had noticed this second location of Sinaloa Factory open on the Danforth early in the pandemic, but we didn’t get around to trying it until now. For those unfamiliar, this is a fusion of sushi with Mexican dishes. Sushi rice is rolled around typical meats such as al pastor pork or carne asada, along with avocado, cream cheese, and whatever else they please. In lieu of wasabi, there are chilies (fresh or roasted).

Sounds a bit odd, but it turns out to be pretty tasty overall. The only caveat is that the different rolls taste more similar than different.

We took out as we were tight for time and needed to work on things at home while eating. However I would prefer to eat in next time or bring our own containers as they used lots of plastic packaging.

Banana roll - filled with cream cheese, cucumber, avocado, fake crab and then covered with fried plantain and sesame seeds - sort of a California roll with plantain and quite tasty.

Tata-Ticho roll filled with al pastor pork and grilled beef, cream cheese, avocado and then wrapped with something brown that was not the mozzarella cheese described on the menu, with dots of hot sauce, green onion, and sesame seeds - good but hard to distinguish the al pastor pork.

Birria roll - filled with avocado, cream cheese, chile toreado and covered with melted mozzarella mixed with birria, raw onions, and cilantro. One of our favourite, with rich flavour in the birria.

Sushicharron - filled with pork chicharrón, jalapeño pepper, cream cheese and wrapped in melted mozzarella mixed with bits of chicharrón, jalapeño pepper, sesame seeds, seaweed and served on a bed of salsa verde - the cheese and salsa verde made this one stand out a bit more.

Norteño roll - filled with grilled beef, bacon, cream cheese, avocado covered with tampico dots, jalapeño slices, “bittersweet sauce”, and sesame seeds - enjoyable, though not as distinctive.

Toronto Roll filled with grilled beef, chicken, cream cheese, avocado covered with melted mozzarella, bacon bits and served with cilantro dressing, sriracha dots, and “bittersweet sauce” - taste-wise a bit of a kitchen sink, with too many things blending together to be that notable.

Chile relleno roll - filled with avocado, cream cheese and chile relleno and then breaded and fried and then covered with mozzarella cheese. Served with tortilla chips and refried beans. Tasted good and like a collision between a plate of sushi and a plate of nachos.


I’ve walked past the other location in Kensington Market quite often. I remember a friend who worked in Cancun telling me about Mexican-style sushi 25 years ago!

I hadn’t tried this place because I wasn’t sure about the quality of the fish, but maybe I will check it out soon. I didn’t realize so many cooked meats were included in their rolls. That makes me a little more likely to try it.

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We didn’t try any of the seafood options, but there are lots of cooked meat options without seafood.

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Some comments from Redditors (who I don’t know) :

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I ordered the tortilla soup

, Mexican spring roll

and Sushicharron

at the Augusta location tonight.

The tortilla soup had a nice enough broth, although it seemed greasier than other versions I’ve ordered elsewhere. Heavy on the cheese.

The food was all heavy. It hit the spot but I need a nap now.

The staff were all friendly. I wish I liked the food more.

It’s possible to order online through Ritual.

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