Simply Jerk Monroe NJ

Simply Jerk. Coincidentally also my two-word self-description in my Tinder profile :grin:

Got some jerk chicken w rice and peas.

I also got a large order of fresh cut fries ( not pictured ;o) I liked that they gave me the option of no salt when I ordered online. Pickup was quick and easy.

Food was good. Nothing to make a special trip for, but great for a local joint.


Thanks for posting this! Always looking for something different to add to our list of spots for outdoor dining. Hopefully, they’ll have more than just that one table in the picture. When the weather warms up, we’ll try it.


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They’ve been around 10 years or so (previously in the shopping center across the street, next to the Wawa.) I’ve always enjoyed their chicken and rice meals and also the wings. I like their selection of Jamaican sodas like ginger beer.

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