Silk Road Grill - Houston

I made it out to this place a few days ago. It’s on West Rd. right at the Beltway, accessible off the frontage road. It’s a nicer room than it looks like in the online pics - nicer furniture and lighting.

So we now have 4 restaurants offering Central Asian fare - Uyghur or Uzbek. Maybe it’s a trend; maybe we’ll be getting more. This places claims to be the first Uzbek restaurant in Texas and that’s probably a legit claim. The menu also includes some Greek and Middle Eastern items.

I went for the same thing here I’ve tried at each of the other restaurants (Uyghur Bistro, Afandim and Tarim) - here labeled Uzbek Lagman. The noodles were very good. There’s thin sliced beef (round?), lots and lots of tomatoes and onions, green beans, some carrots and celery and a couple of bits of some vegetable I couldn’t identify, possibly turnip? It was labeled as spicy but wasn’t at all to me. It was very tomato-ey, nothing at all exotic, and I was a bit disappointed.

The menu includes Manti (dumplings), and Chuchvara (broth with small dumplings), and plov. Signs in the window and the animated, lighted menu board push the plov, the Uzbek national dish. I grew up in rice growing country (Brazoria County) but I’m partial to dumplings and noodles these days; I guess I’ll have to try it though, plus the dumplings.

The menu also includes typical desserts like Bird’s Milk Cake and Honey Cake. The baklava and napoleons in the pastry case looked good.

Silk Road Grill