Silent Italy/ Montreal Chowhound boards discussions

More discussions on Chowhound re: lack of participation

I reckon there are a goodly number of boards where you see that.

That said, where has everyonel gone? Not posting there. Not posting here. Many seem to have just packed up and gone. I see it on the “What’s for Dinner” threads - many folk who used to contribute on CH have now just disappeared from there and have not migrated to either HO or FTC.

there is a reason.
there is an explanation.
TPTB / outspoken members decline to accept facts, so we just dance on.

there is a specific number of humans who participate here.
the number of sections / boards increases faster than the number of humans.
resulting math:
for an ever increasing number of sections/board and a not ever increasing number of humans, the posts per section / board goes to zero.

which is the observed result. no surprises.

What’s For Dinner is flourishing on FB.

Well. I learned about HO on the Montreal thread so that’s that.

Still waiting to see if the Montreal thread will be edited or removed to make my decision. Right now I’m posting on both and am on stanby.

It kinda sucks. I liked the old montreal chowhound community.

I’m not surprised. Other outlets seem to have steadily eroded activitities on discussion boards in the last year or so. They’ve killed off the once active egullet UK/Ireland board and I’ve seen a couple of local boards close due to lack of traffic - one is even the local board in the village where I live. Used to be an active forum but now closed with many people (but not me) movng to a Facebook group.

These threads are now locked.

Funny, they also locked this thread:

It was started in Jan, 2015 and last commented on in March, 2015. So obviously it had nothing to do with the new and improved CH.

I wonder if they even read the site feedback if they lock this thread.

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now and then I drop in there - I don’t know how one could find anything anymore.

however, that thread shows posts 19 hours ago/2x hours ago - in order to change history one must first kill everything that reflects it . . .

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Well, in truth, it’s now better. There is the search function - which actually works - at least on the regional boards (or whatever silly name they have for them now). Means, in practice, I could actually go back and start posting on the UK/Ireland board and not notice much functional difference from before. Not that I want to.

Yep its a shame.

I also still post there, especially to answer questions about stuff in my neighbourhood (Jean-Talon Market, Petite-Italie, Petite-Patrie - Villeray).

So far, I’ve found nothing similar, either in French or in English. Eater is mostly devoted to restaurants and bars, while I’m more interested in food shops and ingredients. And of course Eater has an obsession with “buzz”.

I also looked at the Italy discussion. I didn’t want to take the time to read through it, as I have a lot of work this week and mustn’t let myself get TOO distracted by web stuff - only to the extent that I’d chat in an office, not more - but I’ve never posted there much, although I’ve studied and lived in Italy. It has a very different tone from the France board which is mostly people living in Paris and a few other places.

I was a grad student and didn’t have the money to eat in high-end restaurants, and my friends there, Italian or from elsewhere, tended to go out to little trattorie or pizzerie. But I’ve never eaten better food.

I don’t know. I was juggling with the ideas on exporting the lists I’m working on here to chowhound but I think I’m going to sulk a bit and try to kickstart discussions here instead… :angry:

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