Sigiri in [Edison, NJ]

Sigiri is the only Sri Lankan restaurant in NJ to my knowledge. It at one time had 3 locations, one in NYC, Staten Island (where there’s a sizeable Sri Lanken population), and Edison.

The location in Staten Island went out of business, and the original owners of the chain have passed on the Edison location to new managers as of 2013 (

They offer a Sunday Brunch Buffet for $14, and while it has a slightly smaller selection than Aarzu in Freehold, it surely makes up for it in food quality, presentation, and the opportunity to try unique Sri Lankan dishes.

When I was there, the selections were: white and red rice, daal curry, chicken curry, mutton curry, deviled fish, paratha bread, beets, green beans, sides of coconut chutney / sambal. For dessert, chocolate cake for dessert and kiri pani yogurt and treacle.

The a la carte menu is short and sweet, focusing on typical Sri Lankan specialties such as rice and curry, hoppers and string hoppers, chicken lamprais, deviled dishes.

A caution if planning to come for the Sunday buffet is that the restaurant is very small, so it’s best to come close to when they open (noon) to ensure a spot.

An introduction to Sri Lankan food:


Ooh this sounds great! Only had Sri Lankan once (in Staten Island) but really loved it. Can’t wait to check this place out!


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Ayy and pick a day and I’m in, too.

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Can we bring a thermos full of bloody mary? :smile: let’s get this going. I’ve never had Sri Lankan food

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