Sicily Osteria - Go, Blindfolded if you Must

I Ate on Restaurant Row and Lived to Tell the Tale

Probably the most ambitious Sicilian menu we have. Opened by the Bocca di Bacco family who are from Sicily. Service almost entirely Latin American, and chef is Israeli, with stints at Osteria Morini and Marea. Heather Pelletier, also with Osteria Morini, and Momofuku Milk Bar helped open the place about a year ago, but not involved much these days.

My negroni was poor. The street food snacks (Pannelle, Crocche, Arancino) were excellent. The pastas were good. Leaning on the sweeter side, but enjoyable nonetheless. The creamy Busiate was the better of the three. The Con le Sarde was good, while the rabbit Pappardelle was a bit one note but fine. The Couscous (Trapani specialty) was top notch. The fresh seafood worked really well with that broth, especially the scallops. And the pistachio lava cake was a solid finisher. All considering, especially the location, an enjoyable meal on the sidewalk among tourists, and other bridge and tunnellers (like us).

For better or for worse, the location, and the lack of Italians on the staff, means they may not get any attention from NY media. Super easy to reserve as a result, and due to the size of the place. There are some other advantages with eating at a place like this, as opposed to downtown. For starters you are not the oldest person in the room, and you can have a conversation. And you are not charged $8 for the excellent bread, initially at least

Note, if you have nothing else to do and decide to read the post linked above, I apologize in advance. Lets just say, I got a little bored with the usual format


Thanks for this! Always looking for more options in that area. I pretty much stick to Marseille, Glass House Tavern, Lattanzi and the Russian Vodka Room.

Will you go back @Ziggy ?

Mmmm RVR.

Yes. Maybe not in a hurry, but I would go back for the Arancino, Busiate, lava cake and try some of the other pastas and mains. Not so interested in the pizza. Its a very full menu which to me is a negative. And I cant speak for consistency. I would need more to replace Dell’anima as my favorite Italian in the area, and pass on Thai and other faves nearby.

I miss dell’anima… I know, I know, it’s still there but So Far West!

I love that place. So festive! So dangerous!

good report.

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Coincidentally, my daughter yesterday…

“Going to Dell’anima tonight. Have you been?”
Me : “Many times. Once with you”

Its interesting that Dell’anima is now a destination place with the Manhattan kids

She loved the greatest hits: The Carbonara, and chicken.


You lost me at: “My Negroni was poor.”

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Thats why I listed it first