Sichuan Palace Chelmsford MA

Sichuan Palace has a new owner as of April with a new website and lots of new dishes on the menu. The old lunch menu seems to have been kept intact. Want to see the new dishes? There is an option for that!

Upon looking at the new menu, this caught my eye, and I thought it deserved a small road trip. Double Cooked Pork Belly Noodle Soup (10.50). This is like two of my favorite dishes in one! It’s marked as spicy on the menu, so Extra Spicy, please. Excellent noodles that were cooked really well. The thinly sliced pork belly was really tender, and the was a surprising amount included.

If anybody is interested in sharing lunch with me, let me know. I have a list of new dishes I want to try and it will take me forever to work my way through them.

The blog now has a new format. Each post will have more content and fewer posts. Please let me know what you think, good or bad.


Thanks, Peter. Super-useful tip! Sichuan Palace is our go-to for Chinese food.

We recently ordered Ma Po Tofu for dinner, and to our disappointment the preparation had changed to a flavor profile neither of us like. On our next takeout run, their new front of house person explained the restaurant is under new ownership.

Eager to hear more about those new dishes!

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The new owner said that she kept the old chef, so it’s strange if the Ma Po dish changed. I’ll try some of my old lunch dishes and see what I get.


Interesting intel. Maybe they didn’t have the ingredients to prepare the Ma Po the usual way that evening?

Sometimes dishes there have been somewhat different from order to order. Before the new ownership, we always assumed that maybe variations were due to the ingredients the kitchen had on hand.

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The blog looks good. You remind me that I haven’t been to Deli King in ages. Sounds like Seinfeld could have made a “potato Nazi” episode there! :laughing::wink:


Thanks! The lack of roasted potatoes really bugs me, in case you didn’t figure that out :grin:.

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the blog is always good, but more content is always welcome. I always read your stuff, it’s a great service. I disagree at times, but that’s what makes the world go around! Have found many places thanks to you.


The menu is interesting, though I tend to get suspicious when a place advertises itself as offering “SiChuan and TaiWan cuisine.” That often implies to me that the cookery is TaiWanese, not SiChuanese, and while their chefs may be descended from SiChuan emigres, I have yet to find a TaiWanese place, in Boston or in TaiPei, that offers real, authentic SiChuan flavor.

Still, it’s a good reminder to me. This place has been on my list of places that I want to check out for a while. It’s too bad I don’t have much business that brings me out to Chelmsford these days.


I had forgotten there was still a Deli King in Tewksbury. I used to frequent the one at the intersection of Comm ave and Harvard st (where the McDonalds is now) when I lived in Allston. Their corned beef hash is excellent.

Longer write-up. The food is really good.


Thanks for the detailed report (available on your blog), Peter!

We picked up dinner from Sichuan Palace for a treat last night. Glad we did. We had some disappointments the first couple of times we ordered from there after the new owners took over. Lucky for us, now they seem to have hit their stride.

Crispy La-Zi Chicken (the former ownership called it Ba-Wang chicken) is a guilty pleasure we enjoy. We think of it as super spicy Sichuan fried chicken. Fiery and sometimes on the oily side, but wow. We need lots of rice and a vegetable when we eat this happy dish.

Also thanks for mentioning upthread that their new website offers pictures of the menu items. The images can help me make up my mind when considering dishes that are new to us.

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Posted with photos about one of our tried-and-true takeout meals from Sichuan Palace over on another thread. We’re happy that this place remains so reliable after the ownership change a year ago.