Sichuan Garden recommendations [Woburn]

Hello - I’m planning a trip to Sichuan Garden in Woburn with some friends soon. I saw there was a thread about the bar/lounge there a few months ago, but it only mentioned food a little. I’m interested in any suggestions about what dishes are especially good there, or what’s worth avoiding. I’ve never been before, and the menu is both exciting and daunting.

Oh, and if there’s anything else fun nearby, like a nice park or ice cream place or something, I’d be very interested in that too.


I can’t comment on the SG menu, but a couple of exits north on 128 (North St., Reading) is Jordan’s IMAX complex, which includes an M&M store, Richardson’s ice cream, a dancing fountains display, and trapeze lessons, in addition, of course, to the IMAX movies.

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Meletharb Ice Cream in Wakefield is excellent. It’s super creamy and they have some fun flavors like baklava and cannoli. Unfortunately, it’s in a strip mall so there’s no atmosphere, and they don’t (or at least didn’t) make their own hot fudge. Otherwise worth it, though.

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The trapeze thing is gone. As far as the food goes, everything except the american/chinese dishes. Dishes that are marked spicy will be, they are not holding back on the heat level. The new spicy wings are outstanding!

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Sichuan Garden does a good job on both Sichuan specialties and Americanized Chinese dishes and we often end up there with a mixed group of eaters; what’s your and your friends’ spice preferences? Some of our usuals, many from the specials menu, follow.

Sichuan Pork Dumplings
Chilled Noodles w/ Spicy Sesame Vinaigrette
Dan Dan Noodles
Sichuan Pickled Vegetables
Amber Walnuts
Pan Seared Pork Dumplings (aka Peking Ravs,)

Chengdu Hot Dry Chicken
House Special Eggplant
Dry Hot Beef
Braised Beef & Napa Cabbage
Green Bean Leaf (pea pod stem) with Garlic
Spicy Chinese Broccoli
Pork Shoulder (both preparations)
Ma Paul (sic) Tofu

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The spicier the better - thanks for the list!