Sichuan Fusion in Richmond CA

This past Friday I joined few old friends from that other board for dinner at Sichuan Fusion in Richmond. There were 8 of us. We ordered the following.

Dried Bean Curb and Cucumbers, a mild dish that was lightly seasoning (a light too light for my taste)

Season Head of Jellyfish, which I found to be of high quality and seasoned to my taste.

Fish Soup with a top with chili peppers a rich fish broth with ming bean noodles was flavor and light spicy.

Chingdu Spicy Chicken Wing. Very nicely done, numbing spicy. My favorite of the night.

Crab Meat over Soft Tofu, at first when I taste it I found it tasteless. But at the end of the meal after I clear my taste buds I try it again and found it more flavorful. It the had served it first before the spicy dishes it would have been better.

Water Spinach with Perserved Bean Paste, A OK version which was overcooked so the crunch was not there.

Lion’s Head which looked wonderful but I found the Pork was a little too dry and hard.

Lastly we had a Knife Cut Noodles in a Stir dishes with Beef, Pork, and Shrimp in Chow Mein Style.

Total cost 20 per person.

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I’ll have to check out the jellyfish and wings. How did the fish soup compare to the one at China Village/Sichuan Style/King Tsin?

What else do you like in that shopping center?

The soup is very much like the one at China Village expect it a little darker and I think the broth at China Village is better otherwise the one here is as good,

I like Asian Pearl and 168 for Cantonese food (Asian Pearl being higher end stuff). We have had a few chowdowns at Asian Pearl back in the day.

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