Sichuan Cottage, [Marlboro NJ]

Quick bit of a very minor update…we decided on takeout tonight from SC — ordered online pickup which went very smoothly; noteworthy is that the little strip mall/plaza which contains the restaurant is undergoing a bit of an exterior front sprucing-up and you have to look a bit more closely to spot the temporary sign and storefront/entrance amidst the scaffolding, etc. It’s still in the same place and the food still as good as usual (My wife had her usual chicken with broccoli and I tried the (new to me and most enjoyable) Mongolian Beef with scallions&onions plus we both split two scallion pancakes as a side dish too.

Not forgetting to mention how good the car smelled on my thankfully short hungry ride back home with the order)

Just a reminder, they do not accept Discover card so make sure to have a Visa card on hand if you’re paying by credit card ---- no problem, I was prepared with the alternative in my wallet.

Always a pleasure to do business with the folks who operate Sichuan Cottage :slight_smile: