Sichuan Cottage (Marlboro, NJ ) Updates

Yesterday I took a ride to SC, as I’ve been craving some legit Sichuan for weeks. I’ve been telling friends who used to live in Philly that it’s the only place I’ve found down here in 7 years that qualifies, so they also placed an order. I got my usual: dumplings in hot chili oil, sesame noodles, and #922, fish and tofu in hot oil.
I’ll start by saying I haven’t had SC in close to a year (since my last post) AND I was feeling the pressure of having told my friends how great it is. Sesame noods were spot on w great kick. Dumplings were different but delicious, so no complaints. Sorry to say that wasn’t the case w the fish dish, which @joonjoon introduced me to a few years ago. The broth that came with it yesterday was minimal (it used to be almost like a giant bowl of soup/hot pot), and while it had some heat, it was missing the deep color and depth of flavor that I had come to love. It also had no contrasting texture - just fish + tofu. It used to have bean sprouts (and MAYBE glass noodles?). When I have the leftovers later today, I’ll add some bok choy, since I have some in the fridge (channeling @MsBean ).

Bottom line is I suspect they have a new chef. SIGH. It’s still the only place that’s been consistently good, but I’m sad.

P.S. I did have the foresight to stop at Nicholas Creamery on the way home for some Rainbow Cookie ice cream, as I always want something sweet after spicy food. :blush:


Sorry to hear the fish was disappointing. Have you ever been to Jinli? It’s the one in the plaza with the Asian Market up the street from SC. We did take out from there and thought the food was very good.

@eleeper - How would you compare the two places?

What did you think of the ice cream?

The one time I tried Jinli, they were closed. That’s because I had tried going to SC was closed, so it was probably a Tuesday; haven’t tried again, but it’s certainly worth a shot based on what you and others have said!

Re: the ice cream, I did like it - although I’d like double the amount of ‘stuff’ (cookie pieces, chocolate) in it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I also liked the fact that it’s more ‘solid’ because of the almond base vs. their regular cream bases. I do often feel like I’m racing/eating NC’s ice cream faster than I want to because it’s melting quickly. Oh, and the PB Whiskey is pretty damn good too!


I think we ended up at Jinli the first time because SC was closed.

Totally agree about the rainbow ice cream. The Sprout and I both thought it would have been better with a raspberry swirl. And yes, NC’s ice cream does melt too fast - or I eat too slow.

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There is an entire Jinli thread ( Summary: About on a par with Sichuan Cottage–better on some things, not as good on others. Was a bit pricier, a couple of years ago, IIRC, but who knows now. For dine-in it seemed to be very noisy. Of course, since all we’re doing these days is take-out, that wouldn’t matter as much. Not sure of their current hours, but it had always been the backup place when we managed to forget that Sichuan Cottage was closed on Tuesdays.

We picked up food at Sichuan Cottage Sunday: Three Pepper Chicken (of course), Shredded Pork with Sweet Bean Sauce (very good), and Fish Fillet with Chopped Chili and Black Bean Sauce (very spicy, but not much black bean). Gong hei fat choy!


Thanks for the summary. I completely forgot about that thread and I even posted on it - as did @CurlzNJ.

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I like Jinli. Even their ordinary stuff ,(eg: chicken & broccoli) is above average. The have a hot food stand inside the market.

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Does anyone know if Sichuan Cottage still (again) has their Chinese lunch menu? Or is it part of that pre-pandemic paradise that has been lost forever?

Apparently they do

Specials | sichuancottage

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Not what I meant; those are the"American" lunch specials. The menu I’m asking about was entirely in Chinese. Message #108 has an English translation of what the Chinese menu was then.

I was in Sichuan Cottage today and saw a lunch menu behind the counter.It was mostly the usual Chinese restaurant stuff, though they did have Three Pepper Chicken on it. I didn’t see any other “Authentic” dishes, and I didn’t see any special Chinese menu.

Notes: Noodles with Cold Sesame Paste was a bit gloppy. Chicken with Hot Garlic Sauce, and Double Sauteed Pork we’re both great.

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More notes on Sichuan Cottage:

Apparently Three Pepper Chicken has been on their Lunch Specials menu for a while.

They have a sign on the counter that there is a 3.95% charge for credit cards. They didn’t seem to add that to my bill; I don’t know if that means they discount for cash, or what. There is also a minimum amount for credit and debit cards.

Prices have gone up since the last menu I had (01/22) by about a dollar a main dish.

At some point I think they renumbered their “Authentic Sichuan Dishes”, so double-check if you tend to order by number. (Or just think of it as a grab bag. :slight_smile: )

I like that the plasticware, sauces, and napkins are on a table at the front and you can take only what you need. (I never need plasticware or soy sauce, for example.) This is so much better than giving you a bunch of stuff you don’t need.

They now have booths along one wall, replacing the “all-table” format they has before.


I asked them about the cc fee recently. They told me there was only a minimum charge of X and that there was no cc fee. I never see a fee on the bill, either.

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Been here twice in 2 weeks. Their lunch specials are great!

Kung pao chicken and spicy beef stew. The beef stew was great, it’s got a bunch of gnarly bits you rarely see, if you’re into funky textures you’ll love this. The kung pao chicken wasn’t as good as I remembered.

Szechuan shrimp and Shanghai udon. I’ve been going with a friend who has…mm… a more “American” palate and likes to stick with what she likes. The first time she got General Tso (not pictured), but both times she wanted to get the Shanghai noodles. Interestingly the Shanghai noodles were quite different in size and presentation the two times, it even came in a different plate. It’s fine, but IMO Shanghai bun does this way better. The Szechuan shrimp was HUGE! Well worth the price.

Funny they spell it the “other” way when their own namesake is Sichuan cottage XD.

I wish this place was closer, I’d be going a lot more often for lunch.


They apparently have a larger lunch menu now (at least on their website), including “Chinese Lunch” and “New Lunch”, whatever that means. Can someone tell me what “Stir-Fried Fatty Intestines” would be like? Is it sort of like bacon, or tripe, or what?

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Can’t say without looking at the menu but it’s probably this, stir fried pork intestine.干煸肥肠&udm=2&fbs=AEQNm0B8dVdIWR07uWWlg1TdKnNtA1cwMugrQsIKmAo5AEZHWRFlUeGLxYlhagMfUatSvHu3MSamP9Qd2SfjyZyVIdPFrZFmdorP0BQX-5QUvERZ7CgntLysKxPYR85LNkkQ-ODVQlzCBgHDwYGwBEtb1wyzIiqYOAGOFOhRLG73H-MUdJY1ZFjTgiSsk2gQgTHDHU_Mnn5ewYy4nGfZAENFgsXyYdMtYQ&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjPys6cu5uHAxW3ElkFHV2YBZgQtKgLegQIEBAB&biw=1920&bih=919&dpr=1

Also it looks like their whole menu has changed quite a bit. I noticed they have a Korean noodle soup on the menu. They call it “jong bond” but I think they mean “jjam bong” lol.

This is the part of the menu I caught.

Haven’t tried that dish there, )actually haven’t eaten intestine for quite a while) but i would describe it as chewy and fatty; more like tripe than bacon.

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Thanks–that’s pretty much what I was asking. Joon’s pictures were nice, but didn’t quite answer what I was wondering. But he noted that the noodle/soup parts of the menu has changed, which I hadn’t noticed, so we’ll have to check that out.

Ohh… in terms of texture it’s kind of like trope, but less crunch and more fatty rubber? Depending on the cook there may be a little crisp on the outside. Pork intestines usually have a bit of a fink to them too.

Never had desire to eat tripe or intestines, rubbery and firm certainly not increasing my desire to eat it. What’s the attraction?

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