Sichuan Cold Table , NYC

We’ve been searching for a while for a place that has a Sichuan cold table. That is, a table/counter filled w/cold appetizers. Much like the late great Spicy &Tasty had. Any suggestions?

Flushing is the way to go

Do you need a restaurant place, or would you be happy with a takeaway place?

Hey Dave! Really looking to (sadly) replace what Spicy & Tasty offered. The ability to pick and choose from a wide variety of cold app’s that are in front of you. For a while we’d make sure we tried something new every visit, just point and choose.

It’s funny. When I read your original post I thought it wouldn’t be hard to respond. But I cant think of any. Was Spicy & Tasty always the only place that had the display of food out there to be seen from the window and inside? It was definitely a standout in Flushing for quite a number of years (& our go-to alongside Little Pepper, when it was just down the street), but I find it hard to believe that its layout was so unique. All this by way of saying, back to you Dave.

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Sorry, I can’t offer a one-for-one replacement, only two less satisfactory suggestions:

  1. Stop by the New York Food Court. The last time I visited, one Sichuan stall did offer a display not unlike what Spicy & Tasty offered. It was less enticing, however, than that of Huang Jin Jiao, across the way, whose owners hail from Wenzhou. Of course, either way, however genial the service, you’ll be in a food court.

  2. Assemble your own picture menu – using photos taken at your Sichuan restaurant of choice and published on Yelp, Google Maps, Flickr, and elsewhere – on your mobile phone. The cold apps won’t be right in front of you, but at least you’ll be able to point and choose.


I was thinking of that stall on the left in NYFC – not the display, but small containers of the cold foods.