" SHUNOKO " .....Great 'Omakase' find....exceptional value, quality and service!

Following the footsteps of a trusted ’ Nipponphile ’ foodie on another food blog, I decided to give this Japanese owned ’ Omakase ’ restaurant a try.

The result was an ’ extremely good value ', enjoyable and interesting dining experience…though IMO, there are certain areas the chef/owner could massage to improve and enhance the overall dining experience?!

Our predominantly ’ all fish ’ tasting menu uses some interesting and relatively uncommon fishes, from both Japanese and European waters, for the sushi Neta. The nicely seasoned Shari was well conceived. Due to the use of fairly identical sauce/glaze for the Neta, after the first 7 to 8 pieces, the routine tends to be a touch monotonous. Using some other form of seafood like shellfish, bivalves or crustaceans to break up the conventional approach should help?

The use of Truffle Oil to dress a couple of Neta was IMO a bit questionable…definitely hit or miss! For me, the pungent odour was too overwhelming for the delicate toppings!

Stand out for the

evening?!..definitely the finale piece of ’ Otoro topped with Hokkaido Uni '!! 😋👌

The wine pairing was intriguing but IMHO, not a success. Just a simple Sake pairing should work better?!

Still, for the money, quality, quantity of food and the diversity of the ingredients used plus the top notch friendly service, this place is highly recommended!