Shun Lee - Authentic Chinese?

I was just reading a brief article about Lang Lang, the Chinese pianist, who has an apartment in NYC. In it, he says, "For Chinese food, I go to Shun Lee because the food is authentic. You can ask for the dishes to be prepared Chinese style, and the kitchen will cook them with more ginger, garlic and soy.

I have not been to Shun Lee for a very long time so I’m wondering what the locals currently think. I did a quick search of reviews and they are all over the map. Some do say it is authentic, others say it is “totally Americanized”.

I haven’t been to Shun Lee so I can’t comment on the food. There is a real possibility that Lang Lang is going to get different food from you and I because he’s a celebrity in China, and he can order the food to his specification speaking the native tongue.

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