Shrimp Armageddon Ho' Down Tuesday Oct. 23 Outback Steak House Middletown NJ

Haha! Did you really try to go?

Lol. She called me around 7 to say she was on her way. I told her she could walk and still get there before Tuesday.


I was headed south on the parkway and needed to return something on route 35 in Holmdel so I didn’t set out to go there for no other reason! But still… It’s very unusual for me to do that, which is why feel better that @gcaggiano ALSO thought it was last night! #goodcompany


I broke this off into it’s own topic because there was some confusion and poor @CurlzNJ wound up at Outback last night thinking I pranked her.

The AYCE Shrimpfest is this Tuesday Oct. 23 at Outback on Rt. 35 in Middletown NJ. Come one come all!! Come see some of your favorite Ho’s like @CurlzNJ @seal @BossaNova @corvette_johnny and come ridicule some of your least favorites like @NotJrvedivici !!!

Come see if I can beat my previous AYCE shrimp record established in 1987 at the Sizzler in East Brunswick, which is no longer in business. A coincidence? I think not! (must show to hear the full story)

Because this will be an exercise in gluttony this event has been rated a BYOBB. (bring your own barf bag)

6pm Sharp!! As always first round is one me!!! Literally! I’ll be doing body shots !!! Hope to see you all there.


Dumb question but is the ayce deal still going to be on? I can check later…in car

I don’t know this ain’t my circus and these aren’t my monkeys!

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It is according to their website, and a deal at only 15.99 ! Reminds me of an old joke. The food is terrible here. And such small portions.

Is that just for the steak and you add the shrimp for an additional amount, or is that all in?

If you have two minutes of your life to spare you might find this guy funny. I haven’t seen too many food reviews like this

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Oh no!!! :smiley:

I just saw a Red Lobster commercial on tv. You know it’s bad when I thought, we should go there instead.


I would be OK with that. …seriously. I would rather go there

Ok, let’s take a roll call here. Who is in tonight and have we changed venues? (if we do don’t tell @CurlzNJ

I’m in !!!

I’m in.

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I’m in for either venue

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I’m unlikely join you to eat, but hope to stop by unless you end up someplace further away. My biggest concern if there’s a change is if there’s anyone else he was planning to come who doesn’t check this thread today…

The thing about red lobster is that they have a lot more choices for shrimp. Outback appears to have only fried and a scampi style…two of my favorite styles but red L wins for the variety award. Oh, and their bisquits are not too bad ; )

You guys call it! No clue which RL You’re thinking of, but I’ll check back to see…

I was thinking the one on the ocean/Eatontown border area. We will let let our fearless leader Jr call the shots. If I had to vote I’m for Red L. I think Dave and Jeff can take rt 18 there and it wouldn’t be too bad of a drive but I’m flexible. I’m just looking for some shrimp and some good food talk :slight_smile:

That’s easy for me! Boyzzzzz?