Show/Talk About your favorite bar and/or coffee/tea shop

There’s a lot of beauty out there. Share of shot of your favorite bar or Starbucks.

Here’s mine. It’s in Sapporo, Japan. Because of the pandemic, there aren’t a lot of patrons, so I was able to get this shot.


Just got an email from my favorite bar in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Kinda wanted to put this on the philly boards but I have been told their unique beers are sold in other states. They brew their own. IMPRINT BEER CO. I kind of miss their small site when they first opened. Dive bar vibe with dogs allowed. Cyd, one of the owners was always extremely nice to me. Very hard working. If I ever wondered what it was like to visit a speak easy, hey it is the twenties, well they stayed open for take out during the hard lock down. It felt like a secret gathering of the faithful and grateful. Shhhhh but somehow they even managed to sell one brand of vodka, kiki. Might go this weekend. I am not the “right” demographic but people drive for hours to imbibe during their limited hours. We are all here for the beer. And the dogs

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Some different beans to try:

Nice to see Cat & Cloud recognized, which is local to me.

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Our local place, Noble, was recognized.
Cool :sunglasses:

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Classy looking place, there.

My fave is not so classy. Just nuts. On Madeline island, in the Apostle Island chain, there’s an old cafe that burned down, and a fella bought it, never rebuilt, put tarps up over it and opened her up. Tom’s Burned Down Cafe is the funnest place. Kids, dogs, whatever, are welcome in. Cheap drinks, great convo. Love it. Most relaxing bar I think I’ve ever visited. Great tunes, too.

There are dives, then there are dives. This was my pub in college. Still love to visit. Port of Kenosha. Loud and wild, just what a 20 yo needs. It’s a block from Lake Michigan, so sailors from all over heck stop in to blow the froth a few.!1s0x88055e673aa68ee7%3A0x8029df68f832c50!3m1!7e115!4s%2Fmaps%2Fplace%2Fthe%2Bport%2Bof%2Bkenosha%2Bbeverage%2Bhouse%2F%4042.5908338%2C-87.8212947%2C3a%2C75y%2C15.8h%2C90t%2Fdata%3D213m4211e1213m2211svjKAYNafLRdEJ7FpJhqrOw212e0214m2213m1211s0x88055e673aa68ee7%3A0x8029df68f832c50%3Fsa%3DX!5sthe%20port%20of%20kenosha%20beverage%20house%20-%20Google%20Search!15sCgIgAQ&imagekey=!1e2!2svjKAYNafLRdEJ7FpJhqrOw&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjt2JHn_r34AhUsIkQIHe3oDUcQpx96BAhHEAg

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I’ll bet I would love Tom’s. My childhood was fun. I grew up in a dive bar and lived in a slaughterhouse. My grandmother, the owner called it a sausage factory and it was not used that way in many years. Later my parents bought the old mill across the street from the factory and turned it into an after hours club for people to keep drinking after their dive bar closed. They had a juke box at the mill and people liked the dance with our standard poodle who loved dancing too. My parents’ bar started off as a health food store but very little if any profit for them. So they turned it into a deli and then after awhile added a liquor license. Working at the dive bar was my first job. When I was in middle school I had a prissy uptight French teacher. He came in for a drink and I was helping out. The look on his face when his young student served him his martini was priceless.

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This sounds like fun and only an hour away from me. Obviously not an everyday experience but New Hope Pa is a lovely town

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I discovered Brandywine a few Thanksgivings ago, when we were at my cousins in southeastern PA. They’re very good.

Minneapolis’ Dogwood coffee is really good, I feel. I order over the weekend and they roast on Monday, package on Tuesday, then ship on Wednesday. It arrives by the weekend. The only place you can pick up bean orders is on Tyler Street. The coffee shop is spacious and comfortable but it is a genuine PITA to find the first time when arriving from one side.

Porto Rico Importing Co in NYC
They roast the beans in Brooklyn and have 3 other locations in Manhattan.
They opened up in 1907 and have never disappointed me since I’ve been going there.
I love these old school NYC places, especially ones that my great grandparents would have shopped at.

If I lived in London.


Do you ever go to McNulty’s on Christopher Street?


I have passed there, but haven’t purchased anything. I hear it’s a fantastic place.

I used to go there for years, starting in the late 1980s. It’s worth visiting.

It’s just as advertised. Simple, kind of hippie, on a beautiful island. Reverse snowbird kinda place. Jimmy Buffet can see Canada. 106 people live there year-round, and the bra isn’t an invention that’s stuck there. Then, you cross the ferry to Bayfield, which is prim and proper. Great smoked fish. If you take a boat tour, be sure to bring a decent sized cooler of brew. They’ll sing praises to you.

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