Should Hungry Onion Use https?

After Google messed up my home page favorites, I reconstructed the list. refused to load as https but did load as http. I thought the more secure https was the recommended method for websites. Should HO convert to https?

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I’m in via https. What browser are you using? Sometimes the https filter makes a mistake, but when you load as http, https appears in the URL bar.

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it will automatically redirect to https.

Chrome. Using https the site doesn’t load. Using http it does. Perhaps it is Google keeping me “safe” with its latest security update, but that would logically prevent http and allow https, wouldn’t it?

I’m running chrome and it loads as secure/https. Just now I tested by trying to load as http alone and like @anaxgorous said, it redirected to https.

I’m thinking you might have gotten an upgrade to something (windows, chrome, possibly something totally unrelated) that isn’t playing well with other stuff.

Inside of


there is a toggle switch about half way down that you can turn on so that chrome will “Upgrade navigations to HTTPS and warn you before loading sites that don’t support it”.

If turning this on doesn’t work, maybe try with firefox or edge, and if they work properly, see if there’s a new version of chrome.


The toggle you mention does not appear . I do have a choice of enhanced, standard, and no protection. Since I am not the only user of the computer, I have enabled enhanced, after which the odd behavior occurred. Since I have a way around it, I will leave things alone.

Thanks for the tip.

I’m using firefox and my browser says “https”


Same for me in Chrome