Short visit with friends on the Upper West Side

We’ll be with them for most of the time but will have a day to ourselves. I grew up in NJ, and we’ve visited the City many times, but never stayed in this area. We are adventurous eaters, and like everything from a dive to fancy. We live in Boston, so unless it’s something special/unusual, Asian, middle eastern and italian are non preferred. Love French country food, Eastern Euroopean, and Greek. We’ll hit up Zabars before we go home, as Massachusetts bagels are like round bread.
Suggestions, please? We’ll be near Broadway and 74th. 10 blocks in either direction is walkable for us.


For French, I recommend Bar Boulud via Chef Daniel Boulud. Of particular note is superb large charcuterie tasting board that can be a meal for two.

I haven’t yet been to Tatiana, by Chef Kwame Onwuachi, which recently opened in David Geffen Hall in Lincoln Center. The cuisine is described as Afro-Caribbean. Seems to be a restaurant for “adventurous eaters.”


Thanks! We’re compiling the responses!

can’t help much your request, we love the lomo saltado over cilantro rice or mixed fried rice , fried yuca and nutrcackers at flor de mayo. I’d suggest walking or taking the train up to absolute bagels instead of zabars and grabbing a slice or two at Mamas Too.



I stayed in the UWS in October, at 76th and Broadway, and here you can find some tips (including a follow up post).

Oda House - any of the Khachapuri’s and the Lobio Rachuli

Cafe Luxembourg - Steak frites are passable, if not good, as is the French Onion Soup

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Pearl Oyster Bar closed permanently at the end of October.

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i know people love cafe lux, our last meal there was our last.

My last meal there was in 1987, and I’m good.

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We are talking UWS after all, which stands for Unremarkable Weak Sustenance

There’s a fair amount of decent food up there. You don’t have to settle for a place that was past its prime 30+ years ago. Although you do have to admire its staying power.


You’re right by the subway, so there really isn’t much reason to limit yourself to a 10 block radius, but still.

Mediterranean - Elea, North Miznon

French - Bar Boulud used to be a favorite, but I was disappointed a few times last year and haven’t been back this year to see if they fixed the kitchen issues. (Another option is to take the subway down to Frenchette or any of the other bistro or other french places people love in the city.) Cafe Luxembourg is almost always full — not one of my favorites, but many people do love it fwiw.

Asian - Momofuku Noodle Bar, Red Farm, Gari, Jing Fong (dim sum - better than a lot of what’s in Chinatown and definitely better than Boston options), Han Dynasty (Sichuan - not sure how your local options stack up)

Other - Charles Fried Chicken, Maison Pickle, Chama Mama, Barney Greengrass

Some more thoughts recs here and here.

Agree that Absolute is better than Zabar’s for a bagel, but I’m not sure it’s an hour or more’s worth better, which is how long it took me in line the last few times. Someone I trust recently told me that Bagel King is much better than reviews suggest. Zabar’s, Fairway, and Citarella are all just fine too, and if you’re stopping at Zabar’s get some rugelach as well

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this is always my spot when i’m up in that area. nice atmosphere. give me the sable, bagel, cream cheese, eggs, latkes and chocolate babka/halvah and coffee and I’m a happy guy.

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The subway is a marvelous tool. Our neighborhood is not known for places to eat. You can eat here and eat ok, but if you’re in from out of town it’s worth getting on the subway. Downtown is 20 minutes away and Williamsburg, cobble hill are 35 minutes away and Astoria maybe 40-45. Up here, Barney Greengrass. The food shopping is better than our restaurants. That said, Fairway is not what is was and Zabars prices have gone up as has everybody’s. Citarella is nice for fresh fish and meat. If you like spicy, go to Peckin Chicken in Brooklyn, maybe 35 minutes by train. And Flushing, the largest Chinatown on the east coast is 30- minutes by subway from Times square. Elmhurst is about 30 minutes as well and there is a nascent That town and well as Chinese and if you walk a bit, not much, a lot of Mexican and other Latin places.

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That’s a bit harsh. Especially to someone asking where to eat in the neighborhood, where most people who live there actually do eat.

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I tend to agree with morekasha.

Whenever I am in the area (generally it’s at Columbia U), only place I stop at is Absolute Bagels, and then I head to Harlem to find good eats.

I’ve lived in 10025 for decades. It’s never been a neighborhood that people travel to for restaurants. That’s just a fact. We have had good food shopping but alas, the competition has stepped up in other neighborhoods. That said, the subway is the great equalizer. You can get to many amazing places to eat & drink and not worry about dwi.


Been here? I need a report, because I like the look of it.

ETA: NM! It’s closed. Oh, well.

it was good!


true but mamas too became destination pizza when pete wells called it one of the best restaurants of the year. basically ruined it for those of us who were grabbing a couple of slices, eating at the counter and talking pizza with the owner but happy he has seen success.

has the consistency at szechuan garden improved? we’ve found a couple of decent chinese places on the ues but miss some of their dishes and we’re considering a pilgrammage.

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