ShopRite Riverhead Customer Service stinks

Back in January 2023 I bought 4 bags of ShopRite brand (Bowl and Basket) potato chips with an expiration date of April 2023 on each bag. I opened all four bags on March 4 for a small dinner party. The potato chips in 3 of the bags were rancid so I took them back to Shop Rite expecting a simple return or refund of the 75 cents for each bag, total $2.25. At 4 PM there was no customer service rep at the counter so I did a little shopping. I came back 10 minutes later to a CSR (Older, grouchy blonde woman in a pink blouse who refused to giver her name.) I explained that the potato chips had gone bad and she refused to give a refund because they were bought in January. I showed her the “Use By Date” of April 2023 and explained that I only opened the bag a few days ago and all I was asking for was 75 cents for each bag. She refused again and finally asked her co-worker, Candice, to issue a gift card for $2.25. I went to check out and use the gift card for purchase and it did not work. I went back to the customer service counter and spoke to the grumpy blonde woman again. She was not happy but finally gave me the refund in cash.
This is not the type of customer service I expect at a store like ShopRite, stand behind your store brand products.

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HO has no standing in this matter. If you want policies to change, contact the store’s corporate offices. I flagged this post for relocating to your regional board, where potentially affected customers are more likely to see it.

I just noticed this thread and was glad to see mention of the Riverhead SR. I’m out on the far east end of the NF in summer months, so it has relevance for me. The only options we have are the IGA’s in both Greenport and Southold; both have improved over the years, but are not up to my own tastes for regular food shopping. Not to mention the prices.

So I make a day of it, at both Costco and the nearby ShopRite, both in Riverhead. I’ve never returned anything, so no idea of customer service, which sounds as if needs improvement, based you your post.

But one item that brings me to that store (and I hope this is still available) is their good selection of fresh, imported pasta in various shapes from SAPORI DEL VALLO. This is the best frozen fresh pasta I’ve ever tried in the US, imported from the Cilento peninsula in Campania. Teitel in the Bronx stocks it, and DiPalo in Manhattan sometimes has a few shapes.

But the stock in SR Riverhead has been consistently great (and at a price lower than the other shops I mentioned) for a few years; up until last summer, it was sold out of a dedicated case, near the fresh fruits and veg area. It’s packaged in freezer-safe bags and I buy several bags and have frozen them for up to a year with no ill effect. Just superb! So to make up for your poor experience, if you are a home cook who likes making pasta sauces, I hope you will give it a try, and report back to let me know your opinion!!