ShopRite Pot [NJ]

Ok it’s true, I am a bit of a kitchenware junkie. The other day I was in ShopRite & they had a CI pot in the racks in the store entrance. 8 qt, porcelain lined, loop handles. I could always use another pot (right). But I resisted temptation until last night when they had a sign for another $10 off. DONE.

$29 after the additional $10 off. Used it today -works just fine. Of course it’s not a Le Cruset but still a total steal if you ask me.


In a couple of years, “ShopRite Pot” might have a whole new meaning! :grinning:


Lol, living in Washington state like I do, when I read the title of your post, I thought a supermarket somewhere was selling “pot” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lol exactly where I thought this was headed


That’s how I read it, as well…

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A foolish shopper will buy a $3 item for $1, they do not need, a wise shopper will pay $3 for a $1 item they need.



I think you got a great deal @JoeBabbitt and hope it gives you a lot of use and enjoyment.

From the pics, it looks to have a nicely done enamel job, both inside and out.

BTW, like how you stash your cash in an old canning box!

And I thought it was going to be about some sort of hot pot situation in a ShopRite… :joy:

Thanks Lambchop. I thought so too. The cash is just part of the days receipts at the gyro stand. Sloppy photography.

Reading all the comments above it seems I’ve been under a incorrect understanding about this website. I thought it was about cooking but it’s really for people with the munchies. Heh.


No wonder the Trader Joe’s thread is so active! :yum:


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