Shopping in Mattituck, NY rocks!!

Being in retail for most of my adult life I cringe when I see businesses that are run badly. Even worse is when a business that should be thriving just can’t seem to get the system right. You name it, poor training, poor product placement, poor (or no) web design, bad location, poorly maintained store and on and on.
Today I took a nice break from the office to do some shopping in Mattituck. First: I hit the Village Cheese Shop for some gorgonzola and brie. Attractive and cheerful counter help offered me samples to try before I bought.
Then: The Love Lane Sweet Shop for excellent chocolate.
On to: Lombardi’s Market for sausage, bread, fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, salami and an order of eggplant parm for lunch.
Finally: Around the corner to Good Food for a couple of empanadas to munch on while driving.
Without one mis-step every store was beyond excellent. Bright cheery ambience, quality products, pleasant helpful staff etc…
Lombardi’s always impresses me with the degree of service and training the staff has received. I’ve never had the feeling that one of the employees was having a bad day.
I complain a bit but today was an incredible and positive shopping experience even though it was pre holiday.

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