Shokupan [Leeds, City Centre]

Shokupan is a new addition to central Leeds and offers breakfast, lunch and coffee for eat-in or takeaway.

Set up and run by a husband and wife couple, the focus is on Japanese style Sandos - sandwiches using shokupan (soft and fluffy Japanese milk bread), rice bowls, Japanese-inspired cakes and good coffee.

The menu is pretty short. Breakfasts include spam sando and sausage sando, lunches are a choice of pork/chicken/celeriac katsu sando, katsu curry with rice or tonkatsu with rice. All reasonably priced given the central location - they’ve done a nice fit-out of the place too.

I visited at breakfast so had to try their spam katsu sando (£4.50) which was very good. The bread was excellent, the spam coated in crispy panko breadcrumbs before being deep fried. White cabbage and a thin brown sauce with good acidity helped cut through the richness of the deep-fried processed meat and mayo.

I’ll defo be back here soon at lunchtime for a pork katsu sando.


Oh wow that looks just the right combination of dirty/lovely food. Reminds me of the time I stayed up all night so as to go to the fish market and in Tokyo and then had a tonkatsu curry and rice as the perfect hangover food :slight_smile: Happy days…


Yes it’s defo hangover-friendly grub!

I too have memories of staying up all night to go to Tsukiji fish market… Though I made the mistake of turning up on a Wednesday morning and it was closed :man_facepalming:t3:


Reminds me of our last trip to Barcelona where we’d fully intended to have a good nosey at the markets , including the Boqueria, which I’d not been to before. We’d no idea that it was the city’s saint day (something around what in the UK we used to call Whit) and the markets would be closed. On the other hand, there were great local festivities around the restaurants in Barceloneta which almost made up for it.

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They love a good saints day in Spain!
We had a very fortunate experience a few years back… Whilst staying for a week in Canillas de aceituno ( a picturesque white village in the mountains inland from Velez-Malaga) our short stay happened to coincide with their annual Dia de Morcilla, Spain’s only Morcilla festival!
Plenty of delicious Morcilla, chorizo and wine and lots of festivities made for a thoroughly excellent day! :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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