Shlap Muan (Long Beach, CA)

I am generally not a fan of chicken wings, in part, because I feel like most American style chicken wings are simply a condiment vehicle or a sauce boat (think Wingstop), but I must say I am quite enamored with the Cambodian-style wings at Shlap Muan in Long Beach.

A San Francisco off-shoot (where they made their claim to fame), Shlap Muan has set up shop as “pop up” inside a nondescript strip mall Chinese Fast Food place called “Golden Chinese Express” and is serving their famous Cambodian chicken wings on a limited basis, Fridays to Sunday, 11-4 p.m.

The menu is limited (much more than their SF home location). You choose how many wings you want, and whether you want your sauce, well, saucy (i.e. wet) or not so saucy (i.e. dry). You can also have rice and eggs but, meh, no one goes to a wing shop get rice and eggs.

These wings are crunchy and bone-in! They’re made to order (so be patient) and each batch comes out light and crunchy, with the meat still tender and juicy. And, get this, they still taste like chicken. My favorite seasoning is “Jalapeno MSG” (which is dry) and “Spicy Elephant” (which is wet).

Oh, and no ranch, “don’t ask”!

Shlap Muan
2150 E South St
Long Beach, CA 90805

(inside Golden Chinese Express)

Screen Shot 2020-12-22 at 2.39.14 PM


Hi @ipsedixit,

Sounds great! Thanks for the report. :blush:

How spicy is the “Spicy Elephant”? (like Jitlada level 10 spicy? Or something more manageable?) Thanks.

Had no idea about Shlap Muan in SF. Who would have thought that Crocker Galleria, but not the International Food Court a block away, gets a Cambodian place.

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Interesting, I had lunch at their SF location in the Crocker Galleria a couple times before the pandemic when they were called Braised+Bread. I had their kuy teav (noodle soup dish) though and didn’t get to try their wings.

Totally manageable.

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Gonna have to try this spot, I go by that area sometimes so I may have to swing by one and grab some wings. Thanks for the heads up @ipsedixit !