Shipwreck Point, Pt Pleasant NJ

I haven’t been in a couple of months and to be honest they pissed me off. Prices seem relatively unchanged but portion size of salads and sides are way reduced. Hell they are even charging $2.00 for an additional “pop-over” if you finish the complimentary one. Wtf? I ordered a side of creamed spinach $9.00 (fine) the serving size was literally about 3-4 soup spoon. The dish it was served in a similar sized bowl what we use to call a “monkey” dish, the small bowl a diner they serve cole slaw in. I have no issue paying $45. Steak - $9. side $2.50 sauce but the side and sauce should be sufficient to last the meal, not a few bites and done. Then if I want another priece of bread, +$2.00! That’s just pisses me off. I’m a funny guy, I don’t mind spending but I need to feel there is a value received in whatever I spent, I didn’t feel that way last night.

Dinner for 4; 2 NY Strip - 1 salmon special- 1 spinach salad with shrimp. 1 Cesare salad, 1 shrimp cocktail 3 oysters. 2 drinks (sangria & beer) $235. Without tip and one person only had an “entree salad” AND you charging for additional bread. (can you tell that really pisses me off lol).

Will I go back? Yes, but for a steak alone, dinner out when you are going to nickel and dime me, no I’ll pass. Hope they have a good summer because I think it’s going to be a long winter this off season.

I was sitting on the deck at Red’s last night. Shipwreck seemed to have a lot of activity. Sorry to hear this news regarding value and portion size. Have been a fan in the past. (By the way, Red’s deck ain’t so cheap either…some oysters, some clams, couple of lobsters, $115 later…)

I’ve never been but it sounds a little steep. Do they have any large lobsters there? 3+

2 pounders last night, small piece of corn, small serving of cole slaw … $36

I checked out Red’s as we passed but by then it was close to 10pm and Reds was mostly empty. I was surprised by the number of, if not all the motels had vacancy as we passed them. I don’t ever recall them having vacancy in season on a weekend.

Went back tonight at the request of my son for his birthday. My sentiments as posted in this review remains unchanged, this place is way overpriced. Their only burger on the menu described as “porterhouse blend” $27.00. Seriously???

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Describe me as being out of touch in the New Economy…a $10 hamburger makes me blanch. :anguished:

What was the name of the restaurant before ship wreck grill .

Jr bring your son to pier village and try mccloones Irish prime burger with guinness cheddar. I also am not a fan of his places (sans the old rum runner ) but they got this dish right…seriously. I know he likes burgers and this is a fine example.

What I don’t understand is why would you waste a porterhouse and grind it up? Also, a porterhouse has the tenderloin attached so there is no point in grinding up lean meat like that for a burger that needs fat content. It’s early…maybe I’m half asleep and missing something lol

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I wondered the same. :pensive:

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My son actually got the 8oz Filet Mignon for $36. how do you charge $36 (fair price) for that and $27 for a frigging burger. My daughter got seafood scampi, decent portion with ample seafood selection, how much? $27!! No joke.

It was a variety of places, I think it was Rockefeller’s before this but I’m not 100% sure.

Yeah that seems out of whack…completely. The fromagerie burger is even less on burger night.

The thing I hate is when they call something a “Kobe” burger or hot dog even. Even at wholesale price, the cost of real Kobe beef would far exceed even the $40 haute burgers. Pure bs.

Went to Shore Fresh right across from SP last week and had great NE chowder and fresh fried fish for about $15.

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Big fan of SF. Basic food at good prices.

As much as I enjoy Shipwreck Grill I think Shipwreck Point is over-priced and pretentious. Maybe it has something to do with being on the wrong side of the Manasquan River. Plus, parking sucks in the summer.

It is in the same place as Rockefellers and I think Katherine’s before that but it’s a completely new building.

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