Shell and Bones Oyster Bar and Grill in New Haven, CT (used to be Sage)

I believe they opened in late August. Both times I’ve been was for the Friday lunch. They are not open for lunch Monday through Thursdays.
There were no major kinks but service was a tad slow. Both times they had very few tables occupied. The second time the music was loud where we sat. I asked twice to have the music turned down. They have speaker zones, and we were seated away from the other people, so it really was a simple request and finally they got it to where we could talk. Our view was one of watching a painter working outside and then there were workers walking through the restaurant with floor tiles. I guess we could have asked to move, but we had a nice cozy table next to the fireplace. BTW, it is much nicer than the old Sage.
On to the food! The first time my bucatini with clams in a white wine/cheese sauce was very, very dry, but tasted good. This last time there was a little liquid but a number of the clams were gritty. My SO’s no-name fish tacos tasted OK. I thought the fish portions were smallish and they were reminiscent of Mrs. Paul’s fish sticks. I suspect they came from Cisco. Three small tacos for $13. You could get six more a few blocks away at the taco truck and have the same view. I know we were paying for ambiance and service, but we didn’t even get a tablecloth and service was fairly minimal…
The tacos came in a SS rack on a plank. Eating the tacos was messy and the flat plank did nothing to help contain the spillage. Cute, but not very functional.
While I like the remodeling and the view I am a little put off by the prices and the lack of first-class service and amenities. No complimentary bread, no fresh-ground pepper offered and tiny oysters for $3 each. Meatloaf for $16? Each lunch I had (for two people) was $80+ before tip. So, for example: six oysters, two expensive glasses of wine and two entrees.
Still, I suggest you try it and I/we will probably try it again. I so much want there to be a top-notch seafood place in the NH area. To me, this is just more of the same old, fairly common seafood fare with too many “bones” in the menu.
I’d sure like to hear of a better “seafood” restaurant in NH if there is one.

Mrs. Paul’s, funny! That’s another of those locations that seem cursed