Share your mid-summer garden pictures

Would love to see pictures of everyone’s mid-summer gardens. It’s close to the peak of the season and gardens tend to be beautiful right now. Share what yours looks like!


Looks great, and welcome! From what I’m seeing, with all the firs and giant Rhodies in the background, I’m thinking you live in PNW? Would even narrow that to the Puget Sound area?? Anyway a robust looking garden. Will share pics of mine later. :sun_with_face:

Welcome! Are you growing some food or it’s just decorative?

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Some late flowering alpines

P1020092 (2)


Don’t get me started.

Mostly tomatoes and peppers, but also beans, pluots, a few grapes and figs on the way. I dug up some potatoes today, but I don’t seem to give them enough respect.

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Ah. Edibles then - the pot to right of the front hosta is a mix of normal chives and garlic chives


Your hosta looks good! I’ve the same one, the one next to your chive but smaller.

I have quite a few hostas, mainly in pots. They used to get badly damaged by slugs but not in the last few years. I don’t claim to be fully organic in the garden but I use chemicals very, very sparingly. And, on the other side of that coin, the pons have frogs and we are visited by a hedgehog - both of which eat slugs. I think it must be that they are keeping things in balance.


You’re right about the location, Lambchop! Yes. The Puget Sound, Washington State. Have you or do you live in the area? We’ve had a wetter than normal and coolish summer so far, but I like it that way. Looking forward to seeing your pictures.

Yes @Fuzzyweed, this is my adopted state for the past 30 years - live near the Tacoma Narrows. Nice to see another poster from these parts. Will share the garden pics tomorrow. Things are coming on nicely, although a bit late. :sun_with_face:

I don’t think you’re disrespecting your potatoes @shrinkrap; your climate may be on the hot side for them…

Thanks for your understanding. :upside_down_face:.