"Share a Link to this Post" Strangeness

Under individual posts there’s a small icon: right now it’s the Facebook “f” that normally appears in a blue box - but currently, at least on my laptop and phone (both running Firefox), the should-be-blue box is a dusky rose color.

When I click on that graphic, it pops up a small window containing the URL for the post and the option to share it via Facebook, Twitter, email.

I’m curious as to why the “Share a Link” graphic is the Facebook icon, as it implies that clicking on it will take one to Facebook rather than providing the link information for one to share as one wishes. (Also wondering why it’s dusky rose rather than the typical blue.)

Was the “Share a Link” image something else in the past?

“Share a link”, the icon was chain with 2 pieces connected. It used to show the address of the specific post.

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Thank you! That’s what I thought I remembered, but then wondered if I was thinking about a different site.

And, we’re back to the “link” icon. :slight_smile:

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