Shanxi Mun Noodles: Delivery to Malden/Everett/Revere/Chelsea/Allston/Boston

Read about this in The Sampan, so I thought it bore a mention here. It’s a delivery only via WeChat spot, all in Chinese, that makes green bean noodles by a couple from the province of Shanxi. Apparently they make thir own Shanxi vinegar as well. Seems like they make a few other items too.

Delivery is 2$ for orders over 20$ to Malden/Everett/Revere/Chelsea, 3$ to Allston/Boston and free for orders over $30.

Here’s the original review by Kingsley Tan in the Sampan.


The article doesn’t explain how to actually reach them.

my grasp of Mandarin is exceptionally poor, so I just assumed that you could search for Shanxi Mun Noodles on Wechat. But I dunno.

I tried to find it in WeChat but no luck. Maybe Sam Lipoff can come to the rescue.

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hmmm, sorry. I didn’t realize it would be this difficult!

No need to apologize!