[Shanghai] Yu Shan Fang (御陕坊), A Xi'an Casual Eats Gem

I’m in Shanghai with my noodle shoes on, tracking down some blog fodder in my wife’s home town and was elated to discover Yu Shan Fang just two bus stops from the apartment where we are staying. It’s the outpost (inpost?) of a similarly named restaurant in suburban Minhang and has only been in existence for about four months. Its compact menu features Xi’an/Shaanxi noodle standards (fans of New York’s Xi’an Famous Foods will recognize most) and accompanying appetizers. The decor is spare and contemporary, and prices for the mains are roughly US $2.50-$4.00. I’m not through with YSF by any means, but here’s what I’ve enjoyed so far.

Qishan Saozi Mian, the dry version (they also offer a soup version). Nicely tart, with linguini-like noodles:

You Po Che Mian, perhaps my favorite. Inch-wide noodles, nicely spiced (heat is customizable):

Biang Biang Mian “4 Ways” ( 四合一biangbiang面) – bedsheet-sized noodles smothered in beef, tomatoes, bean sauce and bean sprouts:

Note that all three dishes shown are as served; they are all meant to be stirred or “tossed” by the diner before eating. Also don’t miss out on the lotus root appetizer, sharply seasoned with fresh garlic and chilis:

Yu Shan Fang
457 Pingxingguan Lu, Zhabei
{Zhabei Park)

No. 108 Bus from People’s Square stops in front; also a reasonable hike from Yanchang Road Metro on the #1 line.


Are you supposed to stir all four preps together, or each one individually?

Shanghai food is getting expensive. Not quite SF expensive, but getting there!

You have no choice but to stir them all together, as the noodles underneath them are so big. They work together well.

Basic niu rou la mian prices have more than doubled in the six years since I was last here but still a bargain compared to US prices.

I went back to Yu Shan Fang today for the soup version of Qishan Saozi Mian; RMB 18, or less than $2.50 US

Thanks for the post. Looks very delicious, the Biang Biang Mian!
I don’t think I have ever tasted any Shaanxi dish before.

Do you have an idea if all the noodles are house made?

They all appear to be hand-made, and I presume they are made in house. I don’t think any respected noodle house in Shanghai would have it otherwise.

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