Shanghai restaurant Tai’an Table got a Michelin star, then got shut down the next day

Tai’an Table got the Michelin star when Michelin published its first Shanghai guide. Then it got shut down because it didn’t have licenses. Ooops.

Separately, here’s the list of the restaurants getting recognition.

3 stars

T’ang Court

2 stars

8 ½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA
L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon
Canton 8
Yi Long Court
Yongfoo Elite
Imperial Treasure

1 star

Sir Elly’s
Da Dong (IAPM)
Da Dong (Park Place)
Madam Goose (Xinzhuang)
Fu He Hui
Seventh Son (Kerry Centre)
Jin Xuan
Kanpai Classic
Lao Zheng Xing
Lei Garden (IFC)
Lei Garden (IAPM)
Le Patio & La Famille
Jade Mansion
Taian Table
Xin Rong Ji (Shanghai Plaza)
Yong Yi Ting

Bib Gourmand:

A Niang Mian
Crystal Jade (Xintiandi)
Da Hu Chun (Sichuan Lu)
Din Tai Fung (Shanghai Centre)
East Eatery
Four Seasons
Gong De Lin (West Nanjing Lu)
Hai Jin Zi (Jinxian Lu)
Han Mama
Jardin de Jade (Chong Hing Finance Center)
King Kong Dumpling & Noodles (Mengzi Lu)
Lan Ting
Lan Xin
Lu Bo Lang
Mao Long
Mi Thai
Tasty Congee & Noodle Wantun Sho
Wujie (SWFC)
Wujie (The Bund)
Wujie (Xujiahui Park)
Nanxiang Steamed Bun (City God Temple)
Yangzhou Fan Dian (Middle Fujian Lu)
Ye Olde Station

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I find it “kind of amazing” that the Michelin guide could designate so many “worthy” restaurants in such a small geographic area. Has Michelin jumped the shark?

While I can’t say if they are worthy or not, there are 14 million people though In Shanghai the city, and that’s not counting the surrounding cities. SF Bay Area, which includes SF and all the surrounding cities has slightly more than half the population of Shanghai and easily more stars.

This is a daunting line up of restaurants to earn a Michelin Guide nod–no matter the population.

And Mr. and Mrs. Bund did not make the list!!!

Looks like some neighbors considered the restaurant a nuisance and maybe triggered a permit investigation:

Thanks for posting the Bib Gourmand-- I hadn’t seen them listed in previous articles.

Are the Bib Gourmands more representative of Shanghainese cuisine than the starred places? The only one I’ve been to was Jesse, which was phenomenal, but family style and lacking the service and atmosphere typically needed to appeal to the Michelin judges for stars. That said, it was full of non-Chinese speakers so has broad appeal.

I don’t know how the Shanghainese reacted to the guide with only 1 out of 8 restaurants serving Shanghainese food and 3 out of 8 serving Cantonese food.

For once, it was a real private kitchen.

14 million in 2000, now they said it should be more like 24 million (as of 2014).

Let me see, in 2016 guide, Paris has 10 3-stars restaurants, 14 2-stars restaurants and 67 1-star restaurants, and Paris has a population of 2.2 million (10 million including the satellites cities near Paris). It doesn’t seem Shanghai has a lot of stars to me. Maybe I should have compared to another Asian city, i.e. Tokyo for a more fair comparison.

What is amazing to me is how Michelin has the resources to test so many restaurants in Shanghai!!

Stats for Tokyo
population 2016: 13.6 million

3-stars restaurants
• 13

2-stars restaurants
• 51

1-star restaurants
• 152

Bib gourmands
• 335