Shanghai Restaurant, Oakland Chinatown: Closed?


I just noticed a bright red awning has replaced the old blue one above their front door… they’ve been shuttered about two weeks now and I thought it was for a vacation. But there’s a new name on the awning. Anybody have the scoop?

(Gary Soup) #2

Seems so. It’s marked as “Closed” on Google maps and Yelpers speak of it in the past tense.

This is a great loss. Dingy hole-in-the-wall though it was, it was as hard-core a home-style Shanghainese restaurant as any I have encountered in this hemisphere. Where else will you fond a celtuce salad on the menu? At one point they even had jiao bai (茭白) as a wall special in Chinese. It’s illegal to import or grow “coba” in the U.S., but I doubt that anybody who knew what it was finked on them.

When you were in Shanghai Restaurant, you were in Shanghai, whether you knew it or not

(Eric) #3

Thanks for sharing your perspective on this place. I hadn’t gone for years and years but we had a large group lunch here just a month or so ago and everyone was favorably impressed, including two of mainland Chinese origin.

Perhaps it will be one of those Chinatown “change of ownership” scenarios that results in very little change overall.


Chan’s Restaurant, in the spot formerly held by Shanghai Restaurant for decades, had a soft opening today but won’t be serving its full menu for another week or two.

According to the staff there today, it is a branch of Chan’s Kitchen in Newark, CA . Some highlights of the posted menu are basil clams, fried stinky tofu and a section labelled “Taiwan Street Foods” with Pork Blood Cake and Oyster Tapioca Pancake. The prices look reasonable.

Chan’s Kitchen
930 Webster Street
open every day except Tuesday
tel: 510-985-9863

a link to photos of restaurant and parts of the menu:

New photo by Anchovy Breakfast Club