Shang Cafe Bollinger Rd. San Jose

I did some searching & see Shang Cafe mentioned in Hyperbowlers huge list of Chinese restaurants in the Bay Area but couldnt find any specific posts about this place (other than Yelp). Has anyone tried it?
Can’t find a website. Would love some input from HO folk…

Yes, they have the original location in Fremont and a recent second location at the Bollinger location.

It has a mix of Sichuan and Hunan dishes and is one of the best in the area. The prices are on the higher end (as seems to be the trend with the newer Hunan places) with dishes averaging $15~$25.

Definitely worth a try if you like spicy food.


Wow, tanspace, its good to hear from you, I remember you from the good old days on CH!!! Thanks for some input on Shang.
On another subject, can you recommend any places in the general Bay Area but Penin/South Bay preferred for the “double skin” noodle dish with the mustardy dressing? TIA

How does it compare to e.g. Noodle Talk Home Cuisine, or the better Sichuan places in the Bay Area, not just South Bay?

Hi Karen, yes I also remember you from CH and some of the chowdowns we attended together. :slight_smile:

For Double-Skin (炒肉兩張皮), the pickings are slim around peninsula due to lack of Korean-Chinese restaurants that serve it. My go to is Beijing Restaurant in Santa Clara. If you’re near Berkeley, Great China’s also good. And if your’e in SF, Sam Wang in Japantown also has it.

Haven’t tried Noodle Talk Home cuisine as they started mainly as a rice-noodle shop. I think Shang Cafe would be one of the better Sichuan places ranking them similarly to the Shao Mountain-series of Hunan places as the top 20% if not higher.