Shakshuka at Tatte Bakery (MD, VA and DC)

Now at multiple locations sprouting up in DC, Arlington, and Bethesda, Tatte Bakery and Cafe has a large array of impressive-looking baked goods plus some dishes with a North African slant.

I immediately went for the shakshuka, and for $1 more added a trio of large lamb meatballs. A ridiculous value. This was a stunning collection of flavors, beautifully presented, and with the egg yolks slightly runny. It does not need the lamb, but if you need a very filling meal, this is a good way to go.

They have around 20 (!) locations in the Boston area, so it looks like the DC area is their first branching out. If they are looking to take over the world, then I will happily surrender.


I had my first shakshuka in DC recently, and its bland flavor surprised me. How assertive should the flavor be? What’s a comparison?

You don’t say where you had it… I went back to Tatte, this time to the Arlington location. Same result. Rich, powerful flavors. It is served with thick slabs of toasted bread, so with the lamb it is quite the hearty meal.

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I had it at Tazza in the Watergate as a breakfast food. Tomato sauce with poached eggs and not much seasoning. Based on 4 visits, their middle eastern dishes all seem to be bland, but the Italian are full of flavor. I’ll try to get to Tatte.

Well that sounds perfectly hideous. Thanks for the warning. I can assure you that Tatte brings the goods.