Shakin' All Over in Nor Cal and Emergency Preparedness

I hope all of the residents of the northern California coast are safe and doing well. Milkshakes, scrambled eggs, Eton Mess? What ‘earthquake’ foods are you having this morning? When we had the Loma Prieta quake in '89, I was making clam sauce for fettucine at home. No electricity for 2 days, but our bbq and little spark gas stove (after we determined there was no gas leak) did well and we had lots of camping and outdoor cooking expeience. What do other HOs do for emergency meal plans and food prep?


What I woke up to.
Didn’t feel it but good to know the warning system works :relaxed:

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Hey! I didn’t get a warning! I didn’t feel it either. The one on Saturday ( 3.6) was almost 30 miles away from me, and the one today (6.4) was 270. Apparently they happen almost every day, but not 6’s!

Nothing like Loma Prieta! I was living in SoCal at the time but I still can’t shake the images.


Same here.


Got a generator that powers the fridges, heat, and have a single induction hob that will run off it (my ovens and ceramic cooktop won’t). Also have a propane cooktop in the second kitchen and a propane grill on the back yard deck.

PG&E has a decades old history here with power going out under the slightest weather conditions… plus the newer, purposeful shutdowns when they think their crappy grid could start a fire.