Shake Shack, Freehold

Shake Shack, in the Pond Road Plaza, opened this past Monday, June 24th. The big plus for us is that there is a large outdoor patio with umbrellas. They have their own parking lot which is where we parked. They start serving at 11 a.m., so we went for an early lunch today.

Masks on, we went inside to order. The interior is spacious and attractive with lots of seating. We ordered at the counter and were given a number on a stick. We sat at a tables until the order was ready. (Note: You can also use a kiosk inside – there are three – to place your order, and there is a two-lane drive-thru.)

When our food was brought to the table, the manager offered to carry our tray outside for us. There were a few people eating inside but nobody else outside. He checked on us several times and mentioned that drink refills are free.

Our order: regular cheeseburger for me, a double burger for Mr. R., one small order of fries to share, a small lemonade for me, and a large Coke Zero for Mr. R. Cost: $29. The burgers are tasty. The fries are first rate! The lemonade is their own and is not overly sweet. There are a few flavor combinations, but I had a plain one.

We’ve been fans of Shake Shack ever since it opened in Madison Square Park (three blocks for our NYC apartment) way back in 2004! That’s the one we’ve always gone to. All seating there is outdoors in the park. Now, it’s nice to have a Shack with outdoor seating close to our house.

Photos on my Flickr here: Shake Shack - Freehold, NJ | Flickr


I can’t believe I still haven’t had a Shake Shack burger despite all its hype. Is it worth the price tag? I just looked up the Edison location and it’s 7.50 for a burger??? For a quarter lb? Is it worth it?

For that money I can get a half lb burger from most of the local diners. And at places like McD you can get 2 QPCs for like 6 bucks… Whopper Wednesdays for 3 bucks. Wendys regularly has their QPC on sale for a buck or two… I don’t know I guess I’m just spoiled.

In case it sounds like I’m shitting on Shake Shack I’m not… I’m kind of hoping someone will tell me it’s totally worth it and to give it a try.

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I think the reason Shakes Shack burgers are more expensive is that they get their beef from Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyers. They are famous for supplying restaurants with top quality aged steaks and specially ground burger patties (aka “signature blends”) for each restaurant. The Shake Shack burger is 100% all-natural Angus beef, obviously top quality.

The only way you can determine whether you think it’s worth the cost is to try it.


I don’t think it’s apt to compare Shake Shake to the likes of McDonald’s, Wendy’s, or your corner char-broiled burger joint.

It would be like comparing Taco Bell to Chipotle for burritos, or KFC to Bouchon for fried chicken.


It’s a terrific burger.

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I agree with you on the McD comparison, but I don’t think it’s fair to lump in a quality diner burger with that. Not sure if this is local or regional but most diners here use good beef, and are excellent cooked to a juicy medium rare.

My fave local diner serves up a delicious 1/2 lb burger with blue cheese, batter fried onions and a bbq sauce, not at a level any fast food/casual joint is offering up that I’ve seen! You know, this kind of thing (found an image online, pic is well done but imagine it were nice and pink inside):


Anyway thanks for the info everyone, I guess I will have to give it a shot and report back!


I’m not going to argue about the worth of Shake Shack, I have eaten them in NYC & Eatontown and was not impressed with them at all In my opinion you listed a few other places that are worth visiting… I would also recommend Jersey Freeze in Freehold and Wonder Bar in Asbury although I haven’t been there recently. Hey I know it’s off topic but Checkers double cheese and bacon burger and the seasoned fries are really good

Wonder Bar AND Bond Street Bar (also in AP) have great burgers for $10 or less!

Never been to Bond St , not my crowd but I do hear they have a few interesting things going on there.

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Its a great spot

Bond st has some pretty great burgers! But their prices have really skyrocketed. They used to be like 5 bucks, now it’s up to 12!

Off topic but Jmac is still going strong with their Sunday omelettes, they finally raised the Sunday mimosa/bm prices a buck to 4 dollars, which is just insane in this day and age.

@Ragtopssk oh man I think you’re the first person I’ve heard who wasn’t impressed with Shake Shack, I have only heard good things. How have I never seen or heard of Jersey Freeze? Looked them up and it looks like their prices are dang good considering all the stuff that goes on those burgers.

Jeepers I can’t even remember the last time I saw a Checkers let alone eaten at one. I honestly don’t remember what they taste like but obviously there has never been a bad curly fry in existence!

Oh and if anyone cares - the Dave’s Single at Wendy’s must have been updated or something because it is WAY better than it used to be. The patties come out piping hot and are really juicy now. It might be the greasiest patty out of the big 3 which is huge for me. They went from being my least fave out of the 3’s QPs to maybe being my fave now. And as a huge bonus they regularly run deals where you can get them for a buck which is just insane. Last week they were free with any purchase even!


Just a coincidence, GF brought home some b/w shakes from Shake Shack, she who likes Shake Shack said she will never go back to this location again.
She waited over 25 minutes for the shakes aside from that they were certainly not worth the hassle.
BTW Jersey Freeze has been around for decades and there’s a Checkers on route 9 in Howell


Not sure why 25Burgers in Matawan hasn’t been HO’s radar but for $10.00 you get a well crafted burger. Fries and shakes also A+ and the burger specials/combos if you crave them are featured monthly.

Parking lot is free and the indoor dining area comfortable.

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Yes I have been there not often but a solid place

Their prices are actually higher than Shake Shack, if that’s something important to the OP.

Not for the size burger you are getting. I wish I had a side by side photo to demonstrate.

Is that the metric for what makes a good burger?


Ha! I thought you were referring to weight of prepared patty for the price. The SS burger is smaller. Taste wise, toppings, flavor, they are equals. Imho, natch.

Wanna duke it out? Lol…


Compared to Culver’s they are competitive. Better ingredients cost more. never knew SS was hyped. Just staring in Sky Harbor in Phoenix after my dad died, and I was impressed by the burger and the price (considering it was in an airport). I wouldn’t hesitate to stop at one anywhere. Good food for the $.


I’ve never heard of Culver’s. The burger chain Shake Shack is usually compared to is In-N-Out.