Shahnawaz Palace [Edison, NJ]

I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t live without my Indian buffet. So when this place popped up on Groupon I grabbed it and headed straight there.

It’s billed as an Indian buffet, but I believe it’s Pakistani, as most of the patrons seemed to be muslim, and they serve beef! Which is great because you get to experience some new stuff you won’t see at regular Indian spots. They even had some kind of beef tendon type curry which was amazing.

The spread is pretty awesome, much larger than your typical Indian buffet. You really have to pace yourself here if you want to try everything. I guess they get enough traffic that they even have things like pizza and french fries. Their fried chicken is actually pretty great as well (American style).

Here’s a picture from yelp that shows their buffet, there’s a lot more not pictured. I think they are still on Groupon and if you’re into this kind of food I highly recommend checking it out!

They also carry fried chicken, pizza bites, French fries and nuggets for kids (and adults).


Buffet during pandemic times - not sure that is the best idea


I am 100% positive it was the best idea! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I agree that you are 100% positive

There is a 25% off coupon that is good 8/9-8/10 promo code SAVE. It should apply when you check out.