[SFO, Post-security departure A] Manufactory Food Hall

Has anyone tried the food at Manufactory Food Hall, the new project from the Tartine, Cala and Kin Khao people? I passed by a couple of weeks ago, but it was already past midnight and they already closed even though they say they open till 1am.

It has 3 food areas inside the space and serves a combination of Tartine pastries and sandwiches, Cala tacos and Kamin/ Kin Khao rice bowls, etc.

Here’s a picture from Google:

Finally found the pictures on my phone:

Tartine menu:

Cala menu:

Kamin menu:

The area was closed at the time so the shots were from far away.

Tartine’s price doesn’t seem exorbitantly higher than their SF location so that’s a good sign. I was hoping to gain access to it, but I was at the wrong end of the Intl. terminal :confused:

$17 for a cauliflower sandwich…?? Even here in nyc that’s kind of obscene.

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The Tartine tax.

I was mainly just looking at the croissant lol. Its 4.75 at the Guerrero st. location. But yeah… I think @sck hit the nail on the head

Weird the pastries don’t really seem marked up much at all, but $16.50 for a grilled cheese? I’m gonna stick with a morning bun and croissant when I swing through.

Ha, and airport pricing should be considered too. Sandwiches at Peet’s are $11 and Bun Mee’s sandwiches are about $11.

Right. Post-security after all. You are stuck.