SFGate foodie dish quiz


Guess the dish and the restaurant. I totally flunked the test. 14 questions and I got 3 dishes+restaurants right and 4 other restaurants right but not the dishes.

I missed 4 dishes, and guessed all but one of the restaurants.

It might be fun for us to do a quiz like this as a regular feature. Or, to post and unconventional shot of a popular dish and ask people to guess what it is


I got 9 of the restaurants and 10 of the dishes correct, but would have done much worse without the clues.

Try guessing the restaurant that serves this dish. Hint: it’s in East Oakland. Hint 2: one of us started a discussion about it.

i got 8 of the restos and 5 of the dishes. agree, the hints helped.

I got 12 of the restaurants and 9 of the dishes, although I haven’t been to a few of the them. Without reading the clues would have been much lower. Clearly I spend too much time reading about food.

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
Credit: Juan Antonio Segal, Flickr