[SFBA] Yee Foo Won Ton? Noodle?

For those interested, here are some other restaurants:

Hung Tao Yee Foo won ton soup
Capital Restaurant
Ly Luck
Sun Kwong
Eight Immortals
Riverside Seafood Restaurant
Andy’s Chinese Restaurant
Jade Dragon
Yan Yan Seafood
Hang Ah Tea Room
Sam’s Chinese Kitchen - Pacifica

Golden Wok - “minced duck yee foo won ton”
King Wah Daly City - Roast Duck Yee Foo - I’m not sure if this one still exists

I find it interesting that this dish is almost exclusively SF Chinatown (with some spread to Oakland and down to Daly City) but I can’t find it anywhere in Milpitas, Sunnyvale, Fremont, San Jose…anywhere south of Daly City.

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Good work!

The most common YF wontons we ate growing up was Sam See (3 ingredients) and Sup gum (10 ingredients). These were usually in a thick, almost gravy-like soup.

We last had Sup Gum Yee Foo wonton at Jade Dragon in Daly City. A good (not great) rendition, large portion.

Address: 2368 Junipero Serra Blvd, Daly City, CA 94015

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This dish dates back to a time when the only Chinese in the US were Toishanese/Cantonese, and would only be expected to be found in areas with that demographic. Indeed, Los Angeles Chinatown (like all historic Chinatowns in the US) was Toshanese/Cantonese but I don’t think this dish ever made it to LA, certainly not within my memory going back a few decades.

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Tai Wu - Duck Yee Foo - Foster City

Tai Wu has Hung Tao not Duck soup, at least it was true the last time I was there.

Fried wontons are a popular street food in Shanghai, but they are pan fried rather than deep fried. I’ve certainly not seen them in soups, especially in Shanghai with its own proud wonton soup traditions.

Melanie Wong saw this discussion, and linked to an origin story provided by her uncle in 2005

Doesn’t a deep fried won ton in a soup gets all soggy?

Yes and no not the answer you wanted to hear. But yes they become limp but not anymore so then just plain wonton in soup. In fact I think fried wontons hold up better in soup. Some places serve fried wonton on the side so they remain crispy since you add soup at the table.

Sounds like fun. Like the snap crackle n’ pop as for sizzling rice soup. You know any place that does that now?

Thank you!

It’s funny to think that this happy accident of dropping noodles into oil at the Yee house is now the most ubiquitous method of producing instant ramen noodles.

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Tai Wu in Foster City serves it that way, But I am sure if you ask any place to serve it that way they could.

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Just signed up to Hungry onion and saw this older thread. For fans of braised or fried won tons in soup, a now closed very popular restaurant on El Camino Real in Mt. View, named Sun Sun served Wor Wonton Mandarine Style. Was just south of How 85
This was in the 70’s - 80’s, many of us made the trip there at least once a week for this soup.
The Won Tons held up some structure in the broth, a bit like Al Dente pasta.
Another great thing they did was mix Chinese Mustard into the salad dressing for the Chinese Chicken Salad. To this day we get it on the side to do the same thing.
Will try Tai Wu in Foster City and expand my searches to include Yee Foo, which i was unaware of.


Robert, welcome to the forum! There are many like minded food lovers here. Enjoy!

Well just was rereading this thread and wanted to add a old place in Chinatown where I just had (Sunday) Duck Soup Yee Foo Won Ton. New Woey Luey Kee, my spelling not how they may spell it.

The corner of Jackson and Grant Ave in the basement.

OK Cafe in Concord serves a very good Hung Tao Yee Foo Wonton soup.

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We have found hung tao yee won ton at two other Bay Area restaurants: Silver Lake Restaurant (2291 S El Camino Real, San Mateo) and Uncle Wong’s Restaurant (11760 San Pablo Ave C, El Cerrito) and while you may not find it listed on their menus, you can definitely order it (and get it) there!


Wow, great tips! (and welcome to our community, BTW!)

Thank you!

Just returned from two weeks abroad, and was craving Yee Foo Won Ton (and Chinese Food in general). A dear friend from Charleston is visiting with another great friend at her flat on Hyde street. So a short stroll down the street to The Golden Horse (on Hyde St.) for dinner was a no brainer.

We ordered a set family dinner for $50. Added the Hung Tao Yee Foo Wonton. I personally prefer Sup Gum (10 ingredients) Yee Foo, the Hung Tao definitely worked to satisfy the Yee Foo itch.

A couple of extra additions to the set menu: Deep fried Chicken Wings, and a plate of steamed Shrimp.

We love The Golden Horse for their good cooking, and great QPR on their family style menu. Nice Pork and Gai Choy Egg Drop Soup.

Deep Fried Spare Ribs.

Gai Lan Oyster Sauce.

Shrimp and Squid stir fry with Mushrooms on Bok Choy.

Hot Clay Pot Beef Tendon with Tofu.

Flounder in the round, deep fried.

We brought a bottle of white and one of red, no corkage charge. The staff was pleasant and efficient, the food was perfect for the occasion and price. Highly recommend.

Address: 1060 Hyde St, San Francisco, CA 94109


Open ⋅ Closes 9PM

Menu: goldenhorseca.com

Reservations: goldenhorseca.com

Order: goldenhorseca.com, doordash.com

Phone: (415) 441-8889

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