[SFBA] Too Good to Go App

My area was a bust (NJ). Odds and ends and I don’t like food surprises. Mostly Italian and bread products. Wish it was better.

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I did some searches and checked their website, is there a way to use this service without a smart phone??

I used an iPad but you do need a digital payment method.

It’s a great service. I’ve used it several times for baked goods; in fact, I have a pickup planned for later today.

You do have to be willing to take whatever they give you, though what you get will by nature vary from day to day. For example, I got one of those $5.99 Acme bags, and it mostly consisted of rolls (plus a couple of nice pastries) because they probably had more of those on hand than other items. Disappointing, but the rolls made for good sandwiches.


I don’t have one of those (iPad), either. Thanks…

I thought there might be a way to do it from my desktop computer.

FWIW, they do add new places all the time.

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There are emulators (like Bluestacks) you can use on your laptop to use apps on it. (But I am not sure if you would need to carry your laptop around with wifi access to show proof if your purchase within the app (I haven’t used the app, so don’t know the different steps))

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There tend to be a lot of desserts and sweets, depending on the area (plus Pete’s locations and a few other national chain accounts). Bakeries at the end of the day sometimes have a lot of product, especially mid week. I tried it for a donut shop came away with a huge bag of 18 donuts (including mochi donuts). I got a box of cupcakes, frosted and unfrosted, another time. My waistline and glucose levels said, “no more”.

It is pretty well established in parts of Europe, due to be founded in Denmark (as noted in the article). You get similar things, but sometimes better. For example, cafes will have things like leftover sandwiches and other goods, besides sweets. And yes, hotels will have extra after their breakfast service.

I do feel, though, that some of these places may just have been donating their goods to food banks and shelters (or still do,).


Here are 2 other regional threads.

I stopped using it because I’d rather just order what I want. I also missed the pickup time by 5 minutes 3 times due to transit issues, so that’s money down the drain.

If you’re broke, it can be a good way to get a lot of food before a restaurant closes for the night, or day a nice bakery.

Some restaurants and bakeries are generous, and others are cheap, packaging up food that is too old or stale.

I received quite a few condiments past their best before date from one grocery store.

Another upscale spot near me packaged up really stale breadsicks in their charcuterie platter and I suspect the salami was a little too old.

It’s possible to check ratings on the various places.

It’s also possible to sort out carbs , if you don’t want to end up with a lot of baked goods.

The Lebanese restaurant near me clears out what they have left at the end of the night. Pizzerias do this, too.

[TORONTO] Too Good To Go App

[NYC] too good to go

Here’s my haul from pick up at Fresh Baguette, a couple of blocks from my house: baguette, whole grain loaf, savory pastry thing that appears to have ham inside.


What was the price for it and do you think these items were baked today or are they older ?

5.99. They were probably baked last night so last 24 hrs. I snag a pick up from them every few weeks and have never had a bad item. Spouse was sad that there wasn’t a chocolate croissant this time.


My haul today from As Kneaded Bakery (they said they threw in some extras): a large round focaccia, an entire blueberry coffee cake, a Bostock, and a muffin. I’m pretty sure everything was baked today. Cost was $5.99 for nearly $32 worth of product.


Someone needs to convince Midwife in the South Bay also…

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Been using the app for 2-3 years now, though less now, after I had to introduce some restrictions into my diet.

Some scattered thoughts…

  • I think the ratings in this case are really solid guides to what your experience will be with a restaurant or store. If it’s above a score of about 4.5 or so it’ll likely be solid. Between 4.0-4.5, I’m wary. Below a 4 and I stay away.

  • there are some places that really adhere to their original business model of giving you food that would otherwise be wasted. But I think others (like El Toro and its sister taqueria Pancho Villa) use it more as a promotion, and plan to set aside X number of meals each day specifically for Too Good To Go. (Unfortunately, this is actually often better from the diner’s perspective. When I save a bag at Pancho Villa through the app, I know I’m getting a full meal that’ll virtually always be some kind of meat tacos, a burrito, or a platillo, usually with chips and agua fresca. It’s annoying when you make a trip to pick up a bag somewhere and they clearly just gave you a little bag of random leftovers of really inferior quality to their usual offerings; one time, I ended up with a small portion of guisado from Sanjalisco that was way over-reduced from sitting in the pot the whole day, and almost inedibly salty. Another time I had a bag from Boogaloo’s that was pretty much all plantains.)

  • The model works really well for places like cafes and bakeries, where they baked stuff fresh that morning and have to get rid of it that same day. Obviously, though, if you’re going to get a bag from one of these, it helps to have people to share it with if you don’t want a massive carb overload.


When I first became aware of the app, I checked periodically. But I came to learn from a handful of neighbors I shop with that end of day markdowns are abundant without needing an app or the surprise element. All I needed was to learn where to go, what time to show up and on what day. Price wise, I spent the same this app advertises or wound up with BOGOs.

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I just tried this out for the first time today, thanks for posting about it. This was my haul from Acme in the Ferry Building: a loaf of bread, a couple of sandwich rolls, three smaller round rolls, and a croissant. Not bad for six bucks.


Some of my favorite places in SF that are on TGTG include:

  • Burma Superstar (both afternoon and morning)
  • Mamahuhu sf (really hard ti get)
  • BStar
  • Rizeup Bakery
  • Avenues
  • Philz coffee (u get starter bakery pastries)
  • Hah Dough
  • jina bakes
  • sandy’s
  • little skillet
  • choux
  • cafe de casa

If you can afford it, please do tip generously :slight_smile: (not expected though)


Used Too Good app today for Acme Bakery. Here’s what they gave me.


Large ciabatta, Italian bard, seed roll, 3 burger buns, 2 dinner rolls. Burgers tonight, french toast tomorrow and stuffing. Going to ask neighbor if they want some.


Lucky grocery store started an app called Flashfood that has greatly discounted items, lots with best buy dates that are soon, but regular things too. I tried it today and got this mixed produce box for $5.00 (big box - whole lotta potatoes !) and an Applegate organic sliced turkey pack (sell by August 15) for $4.50.