[SFBA, Richmond] Mississipi Catfish and Wink's BBQ review ..

Based on Luke Tsai’s review a week ago, we went to Mississipi Catfish in Richmond for lunch yesterday. There were three of us, and we ordered way more than we could possibly eat (with the goal of having enough leftovers for the kids snack and dinner)

We got:

  • the 4x4 seafood platter which came with perfectly fried shrimp (6 or 8) and a 4 pieces of catfish. The frying technique was great, since the food was greaseless. The batter is a wee bit thicker than i’d like and the catfish slices a wee bit thinner but those are minor quibbles. One piece of catfish was a bit more saltier than the rest.

  • the 3 meat bbq combo. The combo included pork ribs, spicy sausage and bbq chicken. The ribs was everyone’s favorite. extremely tender and fall off the bone. It was well sauced, though they do offer additional saucing on the side if you need it. The sauages had a moderate amount of spice kick to it, but not too much. I did not taste the chicken.

You could also get white or wheat bread on request. The food came out in 10-15 minutes. We also ordered a bbq chicken sandwich and a snapper sandwich to go. Both had an insane amount of meat/fish (that i’d probably split the meat to make another sandwich.

Probably the only weakness of the place was the small sides. The cole slaw was good, hush puppies were great. The fries and baked beans were mediocre. The portions were a bit small for the cole slaw and baked beans.

Overall a great, super reasonably priced place with really really nice people. Its right off he freeway in san pablo and worth stopping by for SF folks on the way to/from tahoe :slight_smile:


I’m glad to hear they’re still around. About 10-15 years ago, CH’s rworange posted about Mississippi Catfish when they were still in the truck in the parking lot. I went over for lunch, and the owner was astonished that I read about them on the Internet. The catfish was exactly as described, greaseless.

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