[SFBA] Restaurant with non-English names and their meanings

Read Luke Tsai’s article about Nyum Bai today and he mentioned the name Nyum Bai means “eat rice” or “let’s eat” in Khmer language. That reminds me of Kin Khao, which has a similar meaning in Thai. So I figure I’ll start a thread of ‘which restaurant has a non-English name and what do they mean’, as a way to celebrate the diversity of our restaurant scene as well as the courage to name themselves in potentially tongue-tying (to English speakers) but meaningful names in their local language.

I’ll start:

Nyum Bai. “Eat Rice/ Let’s eat” / Khmer
Kin Khao. “Eat Rice/ Let’s eat” / Thai
Tashi Delek. “Blessings/ good luck/ hello.” / Tibetan
La Ciccia. Someone says its a slang for friends/ buddies (fat/ belly translated directly) in Italian?

What’ve you got?

Cibo in Monterey

Cibo = food (Italian). Absolutely no creativity there. “Hey, let’s go eat at Food!”

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Pakwan = Dish in Urdu.

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Outsiders call it “Sam Wo’s”, but actually it is “Sam Wo” for “Three in Peace”, a reference to the original partnership.

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Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2