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Pizza Squared
885 Brannan Street at 8th Street
San Francisco

This is mostly take-out with a standing counter at the window with room for three.

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Is Detroit style now catching on in the city?



Just an update - they subsequently opened a separate area where you can just get slices to-go and they have a variety so you don’t have to get a whole pis in the sit down area. Looks like they are sold by the slice.


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@brisket44 - These entries are all mixed together. When you say “they” are now serving slices to go, what place are you referring to?

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Barabara Pinseria in North Beach SF

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Jules Thin Crust, College Avenue, Oakland. Dropped in here randomly for a slice while the kids got ice cream at Smitten next door [Smitten’s egg nog that I had a taste of was surprisingly good]. Super thin crust with an almost cracker like consistency. They had wide variety of toppings. I just got a cheese slice ($3.85), that was entirely unremarkable. The crust had little to no flavor. [In looking this place up today I see it is a mini chain with some locations in NJ, PA and Danville, CA]


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It’s too bad that EaterSF doesn’t even read their own articles. They would have learned here that Lanesplitter on Telegraph closed over six months ago and will be replaced by Artichoke Basille. They would also have learned here that Gioia’s sister restaurant on Polk St (which they call Russian Hill) closed in September, to be replaced by Fiorella. A new Gioia slice house will open on Hayes st.

As previously noted here on Hungry Onion, it’s also a shame that EaterSF’s definition of the East Bay only seems to include Berkeley, Oakland, and the occasional od to Albany and El Cerrito. Where is San Leandro - SoCal? They are mission out on one of the best pies in the Bay Area at Bluebird Pizzeria

At least they included Bare Knuckle



Barbara pinseria Express, North Beach, SF
Went back to try their take-out slices. They had 5-6 varieties and they heat them up to order. I got the margarita ($3.75) and diavola ($4). Crust is interesting, kind of chewy and dense and crisped on the bottom - I like it. Sauce could use a bit more tang but was fine. I’m still not down with their cheese choice though, it doesn’t crisp and has an odd consistency. I’d be curious to hear other opinions on their offerings.



For a NY/NJ slice, the Pizza Shop on 24th is my go to, but for a NY style whole pie and a side of meatballs etc., I’ve really been digging Pi Bar. Three days of fermenting gives the crust a complex flavor and lots of tiny brown blisters in the underside. Plain cheese, with custom-made toppings, or the mushroom pie are the way to go – – I like the idea of the white pie, but It’s bland and could use a dose of garlic oil.

On early weekday evenings, parking is easy and low tables are occupied by families. There’s also bar seating and a tall share table



That looks solid - I’m gonna have to give them a try. I find the Pizza Place on 24th to be really flavorless and gave up on them after several tries.

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Tony’s, North Beach SF slice place next to the restaurant. NY cheese and Sicilian combo, both solid. Tony’s does so many styles of pizza that they don’t do the definitive version of any one, but they are all good and accurate representations of the styles. The cheese slice just looks shiny because I doused it with chili oil.



Pizzeria Delfina is my go to for a reliable pizza, especially since I don’t like my food to be too charred for health reasons. Here’s a funghi pizza I had a few weeks back.



Pizza Hacker, San Francisco
Mushroom, Marinara and Yo Vinny. The mushroom was a daily special and was a bit overwhelmed by the goat cheese. All others were excellent (we also had a margarita). The big kale salad is great and enough for 5 to split. Their seating system remains haphazard but their pizzas are still my favorites in SF.


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Pizza Matador: partial bake / same day order-delivery

Our neighborhood listserv tipped us off about Pizza Matador , which now serves most of Alameda County. It offers partial-bake artisanal pizza delivery. You need to order early (on-line only) as they sell out of many types by 2 p.m. Pizzas are delivered between 4–7 p.m. Pizza chefs/owners Chris Horvath and Chris Ferreira started in 2015 serving just a few neighborhoods in Oakland, but have grown steadily since then. The crust is thin and crisp with good chew – Matador uses excellent quality flour in addition to a three-day proofing. We also approve of the restrained amount of tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, and use of Creminelli and Fra’Mani charcuterie.

Creminelli is one of our favorite charcuterie sources, based in SLC, Utah; we think Cristiano Creminelli makes the best prosciutto in the U.S. We usually order the Shiitake and layer on one or two packages of Creminelli prosciutto from our ever-handy freezer supply, LOL.

They rotate varieties occasionally but the most popular types tend to remain on the menu:
Pizza Matador

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Interesting idea. It doesn’t look “thin and crisp,” though. In the pics it looks puffy and doughy. It’s not?


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Nope. Dough puffs up around the edges but it’s definitely thin crust, the way we prefer.