SFBA: Pizza

(cs) #61

Pizza Squared
885 Brannan Street at 8th Street
San Francisco

This is mostly take-out with a standing counter at the window with room for three.


Is Detroit style now catching on in the city?


Just an update - they subsequently opened a separate area where you can just get slices to-go and they have a variety so you don’t have to get a whole pis in the sit down area. Looks like they are sold by the slice.

(Eric) #64

@brisket44 - These entries are all mixed together. When you say “they” are now serving slices to go, what place are you referring to?


Barabara Pinseria in North Beach SF


Jules Thin Crust, College Avenue, Oakland. Dropped in here randomly for a slice while the kids got ice cream at Smitten next door [Smitten’s egg nog that I had a taste of was surprisingly good]. Super thin crust with an almost cracker like consistency. They had wide variety of toppings. I just got a cheese slice ($3.85), that was entirely unremarkable. The crust had little to no flavor. [In looking this place up today I see it is a mini chain with some locations in NJ, PA and Danville, CA]