[SFBA] Gen Korean BBQ House's really weird yelp ratings

So I heard about the All-you-can-eat, Gen Korean BBQ House in Milpitas a few times since they opened 3 months ago. What’s the deal with their 5-star rating and 833 yelp reviews in 3 months? Did they give people discount for reviews? Anyone tried the food?

And then their San Jose branch has 5000+ reviews in a little more than a year. Not even Din Tai Fung and its fame can get anywhere close that number of reviews…!

They opened a location near my house in SoCal a while back and a number of people on Yelp posted that they gave you free dessert or something for posting a positive Yelp review.

Ah! That may explain why the reviews give an obscene number of shout outs to servers. I’ll be cautious of other restaurants dominated with reviews mentioning servers by name.

Its funny Yelp said that.

I emailed Yelp editor-in-chief Nish Nadaraja to get the company’s response. He wrote back that the website takes this type of abuse seriously, and pointed me to a portion of the site that has the following:

What if the business I’m reviewing gave me something for free or at a discount?
You should never accept freebies or discounts in exchange for reviews. For example, if a bar owner offers you a free drink in exchange for a 5-star review, you should not accept his or her offer.
Of course it’s OK if you were given something for free or at a discount, but you should always disclose any special treatment, gifts, or discounts. For example, if the restaurant manager gave you free appetizers on opening night, you should include that information in your review. Yelping is about real, honest reviews, so while we’re happy you had an extra special experience, we ask you to tell us (your readers) the whole story.

You should just be cautious of Y*%p reviews in general.
Edited to add: You’re a savvy diner. I’m sure you are

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Why not? Because Yelp reviews are paradigms of integrity?

Make that a double, bartender. :cocktail::fu::cocktail:

The one in Rowland Heights got 2100+ review in year and half with 4.5 star.

i’ve encountered eateries who offer discounts or some freebie after showing them the completed y… reviews (gangnam houe, milpitas, boba place, fremont-forgot name) i probably wouldn’t do it again since i can’t write in depth reviews.

many times i have been offered a “free” 2nd meal from eateries which i sometimes accept (mostly american and mexican). for various logistics, i mostly never eat the 2nd meal.

as a general rule, i don’t rereview. happens about once a year…

also freedies not accepted. discounts, rereviews (free food) noted as such. usually go unannounced. only one community has spotted me, that was 2-3 years ago.

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