SFBA Favorite Bites of July, 2016

This is the first of a series of monthly topics where we can post about something delicious we have eaten this month.

What have you been eating?

I’ll start with today’s lunch. In an

other topic, I mentioned the pan-fried noodles with mixed seafood at L&L Seafood in El Cerrito. I had them for lunch today, and they were great. What I really like about this dish is that the serving is large, enough for two or three more meals. I’ll have the leftovers with some canned seafood, clams, oysters, trout, whatever, complemented by that delicious white sauce.

My photo didn’t come out, but here’s a good example from another site.

Today’s lunch was at ‘A Desi Cafe’ at 1501 Noriega and 22nd Avenue.
Eggplant Achar was a Special $7.99 and I had hot chai/$1.25 and nan/$1.50. Complimentary papadum with two sauces: tamarind and mint. Medium spice level requested; housemade hot sauce is available to up the heat - or, order it Spicy.
Eggplant was meltingly tender and napped with a thick and rich complex sauce.
I always check the Specials board and hope for okra.

Last Saturday at noon, I was in Chinatown and needed a quick snack. I noticed no line at Sam Wo. I got a BBQ Pork Rice Noodle Roll to go, and got it within two minutes of ordering!

Damn, it was good— herbaceous cilantro, thick bouncy wrapper (much thicker than typical cheung fun), and flavorful pork. It’s a light and cheap snack— at $5.38, including tax, half the order tided me over until lunch.

Pici pasta (thick handrolled noodles ) with cherry tomato, breadcrumbs, olive oil, bottarga at Cotogna (sf). Also their sformato with fonduta.

I like this topic!
Brunch at Lalime’s was fun, though I have to say the food took a long time to come out. My chicken hash with a poached egg was delicious, however. The brunch was similar to Cafe Eugene’s, but much less crowded.

They don’t call them soup dumplings, but the lamb and green onion dumplings I just had at China Village were luscious with broth. One of them popped open when I bit into it and almost soaked the library book I was reading.

i’ve eaten this salad at least once in July at Doc Ricketts, but also probably 5 times before. Wonderful - a sort of deconstructed (which is already deconstructed) Niçoise.

I’m also a sucker for their chicken liver mouse with a port aspic that tops the crock it comes in when you order it with their house-made charcuterie.

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We started our tasty lunch with two soups, Rasam - a tamarind, garlic, and black pepper soup and the tomato - both delicious. Cashew curry with basmati rice followed the Manchurian gobi - a batter fried cauliflower - ask for the vinegar chutney - at Deccan Spice - 1142 Valencia at 22nd Street.
The menu highlights southern specialties and Hyderabadi dishes.