SFBA Favorite Bites, October 2016

Dim sum today at Dragon Beaux on Geary Blvd. SF - best bite: spotted prawns (seasonal) with roe. So tasty, we requested a second order of 12 huge prawns, devouring heads, legs, and shells.


Mourad Lahlou’s “modern” duck confit basteeya, at Mourad.

Stone crab claws in steamed egg white & chinese rice wine (In Situ, SF)

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Hangover Soup at Hwaro, 4516 Mission Street in the Excelsior neighborhood, it’s perfect for a dark and stormy night - that wasn’t. No rain. Good soup.

Cannot wait to get there.

But what is Hangover Soup?

How does this compare to their traditional basteeya? I remember I enjoyed their (I think chicken) traditional basteeya years ago

Is that the Fook Lam Moon dish? How is it?

Yes it is. I have not had the original but really liked the steamed egg white with rice wine. The 2 claws were good although not as tender and succulent as the dish this replaced on the menu, the wasabi lobster. Given the labor required to crack open those stone crab claws, I thought it was worth it :wink:

I never had Lahlou’s traditional basteeya so can’t compare

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
Credit: Juan Antonio Segal, Flickr