SFBA Favorite Bites - November 2016

The Combo Tombo is my favorite lunch bite today at Cockscomb at 564-4th Street, SF with its entrance on Freelon Street. Beautifully presented rice cracker atop crudo.

Is it breakfast or dessert? It’s Bread Pudding French Toast at Eat Americana - on the new menu at 3532 Balboa Street, SF. It will please any Sweet Tooth. $10 I’ll start the day with Beets and Goat Cheese salad - total satisfaction. $9

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Jasper hill farms cheesecake (In Situ, sf)
Made from their Moses Sleeper french style brie
Outrageously good


Barleywino, is that on the lunch or dinner menu at In Situ?

both lunch and dinner (in the dining room only, not in the lounge)
if you can’t get an online reservation, sometimes walk in seating is available, call them

Thank you. I had reservation once and booked it online it was quick, I didn’t plan on going back since I thought it was way overpriced but that cheesecake looks good.

Is it very big? It looks big in the picture. How much was it too?

it’s not huge, maybe 4.5" diameter, enough for one person. $22 so not cheap at all. Some white chocolate and hazelnut crust

thank you! oh my, I gotta save up for that $22 dessert!

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the original from Barcelona

Looks like In Situ has become your cafeteria!

I’ve actually only tried a few of their dishes, and not all of those have worked for me. Fortunately they seem to rotate dishes in and out.

Coq au vin at Absinthe in Hayes Valley, SF, with a side of pureed potatoes. Absinthe has been around for awhile and is pretty well known but this was my first visit.

Nice salty wine sauce. There was a thigh and drumstick in there, skin on, with some carrots and rutabagas and/or turnips, and pearl onions, along with two crunchy buttery toast points. Also a bunch of bacon pieces that were still crunchy. The potato puree side dish was very good with a little of the coq au vin’s gravy spooned on top of it. Highly recommended.

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