SFBA Favorite Bites, August 2016

Let’s continue to post about our favorite meals, snacks, drinks etc. for August, 2016

This evening a bunch of us had tapas at Cesar on Shattuck. I was disappointed that they don’t have the little meatballs anymore, but a salt-cod brandade, skewers of grilled marinated pork, and salumi and cheese plates were great.

Joe’s of Westlake, in Daly City, has a fun retro feel and the food’s okay. Bombini (donuts) with chocolate and strawberry dipping sauces came three to an order. It was the best thing we tried and my “best bite” of the month so far. The ingredients in my salad were not the highest quality, but the patty melt and Reuben my companions had looked good and certainly were big.

The folks at Meal Ticket in Berkeley are back from their summer break, and today I treated myself to one of their specialties, salmon and eggs. A nice hunk of well-seasoned, flaky grilled salmon, with a heap of scrambled eggs and home fries. Their burgers are excellent, too, house-ground beef cooked medium rare by default. They have a cozy and calm patio (no dogs allowed anymore, though). Breakfast and lunch only.

They’re in the process of selling the place and retiring, and a big part of my monthly burger budget will be spent there.

Bánh Khọt at Tuyet Mai (SF, Tenderloin). Fried with a nice crispy exterior and a tender interior. Shrimp had the tail shell still on which was a little weird. Removed before eating. Really good with a little spoonful of the dipping sauce and wrapped with herbs in lettuce leaves.

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Prime rib at Garden Club (Daly City/Colma).

Please tell more! I’m totally intrigued by that place. We did the Sunday night prime rib dinner at the Basque Cultural Center recently, and were pleasantly surprised. The Garden Club is next. I love The House of Prime Rib, but it’s such an ordeal.

It’s a hoot. Adjust expectations–it looks like an Iowa supper club in the '70s (I lived in Iowa for a long time, so I know these things). Don’t know if you know the drill at the Garden Club re the soup and salad, etc. I absolutely love HoPR, but they’re all about rushing you in and out. I’m not a post-meal malingerer, but for a special night out at a steakhouse, I want the pace to be somewhat more leisurely. (That’s why we’ve switched to Alfred’s for occasional celebrations.)

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Terra Cotta Warrior (2555 Judah, SF):

Celeries with dried bean curd sticks
Shan-xi stir fried noodles

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