SFBA Dish of the Month?

With CH’s SFBA Dish of the Month in shambles, is anyone interested in our starting one here? I found them to be a lot of fun once.

@Hyperbowler probably would want to chime in. But I thought he mentioned that the format was in decline well before Sep 2015, with the redesign just put the nail in the coffin.

I like the idea and would hope to try a dish each month.

The focus on CH’s DOTM was to try a dish at restaurants where you hadn’t eaten it before, and some of the suggestions were esoteric but fun. Part of the reason to keep it so constrained was that the community was large, and there was often a decade or more of posts on certain dishes. Since we’re a smaller community and don’t have a backlog of posts on everything from hamburgers to doro wot, we could use a common activity to unite us and get people more active on the boards. Even if folks just reported on versions they’ve tried in the past, kind of a hybrid of “where can I find a good X” and the CH version of DOTM, I think that would benefit the community.

What are others’ thoughts? Lurkers, would DOTM help encourage you to post?

Another possibility is a topic like “What great thing did you eat recently?”, where we leave the choice of dish to the writer.

Are you thinking a monthly thing, like “Favorite dishes of July” where, starting on August 1st, people write the best dish they ate in July. And they could post something they hadn’t previously mentioned, or add a link to a topic they had posted to?

That could work, but I’d start Favorite dishes of August on August first, kind of like the Grocery Outlet topics over on CH. We could start Favorite Dishes of July now, in fact.

Some more ideas:

Regional cuisine of the month that are more narrow/ obscure (to this forum, that is), e.g. Brittany, Filipino

Temple food crawl (credit goes to Hyperbowler)

Food stands

I got a feeling that around 2015, DOTM might have lost some steam when the dishes got more obscure (and also poster attrition).

I’m going to start the Favorite Bites of July topic. I’m using “bites” instead of “dish” because I want to include things like cupcakes and other snacks.

Please, feel welcome to start one of the other topics suggested.

I like the ‘one dish’ for the month - it’s easier for me to search for past posts with all under one item.
When it’s any favorite of the month, I’ll never remember what month had which random faves!

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