[SFBA] Buying Rowntree Fruit Gums


Yeah… :frowning:
I usually come by to see if they have those chewy rowntree candies but that’s about it.

[SFBA] Mitten crab/ mantis shrimp from WeChat/ online groups

Costplus World Market has them. Both the sugar coated and the ones without.


Really the yellow wrapper kind?

Hmm time to visit cost plus and see the price difference…


Yeah. that’s the one. I don’t see the receipt (a few weeks ago) in my trash can. But you can buy 36 of them for $54 lol:


They sell singles at the store.


Works out around 1.50 per singles. I can’t recall the price I paid in that Milbrae store… and I’m kinda curious about Chinatown now.

It was technically cheaper in Hong Kong but don’t think its worthwhile trying to bring a box of those compared to other items haha